We have to realize that the culture war is downstream from oligarchs' bid for wealth, which they can turn into power, which they can turn into impunity. Lots of oligarchs are bigots of one stripe or another, but even when they aren't, they are still pro-bigotry, because bigotry is how they secure power.


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Ah, roundtables: a group of amazing academics making speech-like sounds with hints of brilliant insights, none of which I will understand unless they also happen to have Broadway-star vocal projection. Sigh.

"Dear M[a]c[K/k]en[z/s]i[e],"

-- Me, emailing 20% of my students

Tweets about Buffalo mass shooting 

I keep hoping to hear conservative family & friends (to say nothing of politicians and media figures) actually condemn the ideology that drove the murderers. I'd even settle, at this point, for a condemnation of the murders themselves. I hear none of that.

Graph of gun and vehicle mortality in US metro areas 

What are the least lethal places to live in the US as far as gun violence and automobile deaths? Maybe don't take this graph as your final answer, but this take on mortality data suggests Boston is surprisingly OK. Maybe steer clear of the deep , especially the bayou region.

Note: heart disease, diabetes, and COVID are not shown.

Graph about causes of police deaths in USA 

Besides the fact that police don't die very often in the USA, deaths have also gradually gone down since the 1980s. Recent statements by police-supporting journalists and organizations suggest an alarming increase in deaths in the past two years. Yes. Because of .

Years ago I read an insightful paper in which societal/legal treatment of sex offenders was compared to being declared "homo sacer" in ancient .

IIRC homo sacer ~=~ "property of (only) the gods," so you could be abused by others, even strangers, bc if the gods wanted to save you, they would. You're their property.

Just now saw ref to a video essay: "the audience is a god."

Since the US military poisoned our Hawaiian drinking water, sickening thousands, they have now declared it 'cleaned, safe for use'. They lied to us, and their own troops families. Children are still drinking jet fuel.

Oh god why am I instead of doing my actual work?

Anyway, here's the graph.

My contribution to a twitter convo about which major cities in the US are safest. The data comes from the CDC Wonder service: Compressed Mortality.

Each point is a CBSA (a census-based statistical area; i.e., a metro area). The circle sizes are proportionate to population. I added colors for Woodward's "11 American nations."

Absolutely do not base your life decisions on this graph. I accept no responsibility

A local nutjob running for County Commissioner (and likely to win!) has taken to starting loud vocal fights with people he disagrees with, and then telling people he's going to get them fired for publicly disagreeing with him.

His campaign poster is just an AR-15.

His slogan is "Keep [placename] rural"

He lives in a gated community. when he says "Rural" he means white, and rich.

Someone from his "Keep [placename] rural" brigade slashed a friend's tires while she was presenting an affordable housing plan a county board meeting last year.

He's a bad human being, and I hope someone makes him very sad.

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

I'll stop here with the history (which I'm a bit shaky on). Freund's development of the volumetric penile plethysmograph played a major part in modern scientific study of sexual offending and pedophilia (note: they are not the same thing), and I believe played a nontrivial role in the shift of most Western democratic nations away from criminalizing homosexuality.

The end.


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The Canadian government, in the 1970s (I think) began funding ground-breaking research on sex offending by way of clinician-researchers working in and with the Canadian prison system.

(Meanwhile, another prong of the budding sexual abuse research field was underway, mostly in the US and Europe, driven by feminists focusing on victim experiences).

The best work on offenders was being done in Ontario. Freund eventually crossed the pond to join in.


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