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🔥 New Post: Announcing InAppBrowser - see what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser

👀 TikTok, when opening any website in their app, injects tracking code that can monitor all keystrokes, including passwords, and all taps.


@Datendealerin Surveillance capitalism being… *checks notes* surveillance capitalism.

Personally, I’d be disappointed if they were doing any less. This is exactly what they are.

@aral @Datendealerin It’s fascinating that every time #Facebook is discovered to be doing something nasty, #TikTok seems to have found a way to come out even worse.

@LeonardoDiOttio @aral @Datendealerin in the thread above it's clear that Instagram does the same🌻 @Datendealerin Yeah was going to say the same. They wouldn't bother developing this feature if it wasn't to be creepy with their users. The interesting thing however, is if they have obtained some sort of clear, specific and informed consent from their users for this data collection. And what the DPAs are going to do about it...

@harald I believe the Irish DPA might send them a cake. We’re very friendly over here.

@aral @harald Oh, I hope you understand German or, if not, use deepl. The Irish DPC got the Big Brother Award this year and the speech was hilarious:

@Datendealerin I read some German, but this one's probably stretching my abilities. I'll give it a try, though! Thanks for sharing!

@harald @aral Exactly! And yes, the information hidden in long, convoluted consent forms makes all of this a farce 😤

I sometimes read Threema's short and transparent data privacy statement just make me feel better.

@aral @Datendealerin No defense of Capitalism here, but keep in mind that TikTok is an actively used data harvesting tool based in China, serving the purposes of the CCP.

@aral @Datendealerin That TikTok is a user data glutton is nothing new. I've been warning against people using it for a long time.

@neglesaks @aral Sadly, the majority doesn't care. I got a new phone in January and this one never had a Zuckerberg or Chinese app on it ✊

@Datendealerin @neglesaks If we’re talking about the people who are forced to either by a surveillance device by manufacturer A or one by manufacturer B, they’re the victims here. I’ve consistently found that people do care, they simply do not have easy to use alternatives that enable them to get on with their lives. And that’s not just a matter of having a Linux phone you can buy, it’s a phone that you can bank with, that can give you directions in the car… requires legislation, not just tech…

@Datendealerin @neglesaks … without alternatives (which, again, requires interoperability legislation and investment in the commons to counter the private data silos), we’re talking about learned helplessness.

People DO care but we live in a world where 99.99999% of all investment goes to surveillance capitalism. That’s the systemic problem that we must fix. It’s definitely not a personal responsibility issue.

@Datendealerin @neglesaks (Not that I’m saying everyone cares equally, of course. Those with the most privilege usually care the least because they know – or, at least, feel – safe regardless whereas those with the least privilege are already feeling the ramifications of our surveillance societies.)

@aral @Datendealerin I agree, I merely point out that we shouldn't fall into a trap of thinking capitalism is behind all evils in the world.

including the link so we can check our Fediverse apps. :)

(Though ideally we should have this on a hydra of domains so it becomes harder for app developers to just blacklist the domain.)

@Datendealerin now it should be clear that #TikTok is #Spyware, the worst of all. 😱🤬

They didn't tell there Users about it, of course not.

#Google & #Apple should take Action and ban TikTok immediately from there #AppStores because of violating the Rules or something like that, in order to protect all of it's User.

But I doubt that anything will happen, only if the pressure by the Users & Politics will rise up. 😐

@kranzkrone I have doubts as well. And I never read their data privacy declaration but I wouldn't be surprised if you actually do find this info in there.

(thread missing CW) TikTok, surveillance, PSA, actionable if you can stop using TikTok 

(boost thread)

@lamp Me neither 😧 I barely know anything about what's technically possible, but I was always suspicious.

@Datendealerin wow, absolutely ridiculous iOS apps are able to inject JavaScript in their web views like that

@PawelK @paoloredaelli @Datendealerin Certainly better than vanilla Chromiums! Though I wouldn't recommend any of those, I know how much sway the engine has over the browser.

But I don't believe any of them have the same sandboxing features as Firefox being pointed to here.

Then again I get it, too many devs aren't ensuring their site works in Firefox!

@paoloredaelli I can list out a few depending on how happy you are for popular sites to break. Though to be clear I blame those popular sites rather than the browsers! And I am stressing *popular* sites as being the problem.

From least to most "broken":

Safari, GNOME Web, Midori, etc.
NetSurf, Lynx, Dillo, my own, etc.

That mostly covers the non-Chromium options...

@PawelK @Datendealerin

@alcinnz @paoloredaelli @Datendealerin

I was used to brave etc on galaxy s6 so ungoogled chromium was my first choice on android roughly 5.0 which I got now. What addons would you advise on ff in such setup for adblock? My other concern is performance hit but so far look n feel is quite OK. I also miss generally on this s4 android5 groupies tabs from s6.

Hope also soon offline MT plugin is avail for android too on mozilla. Also love the Mozilla bergamot collaboration as well as Mozilla voice project.

Heh you might have flipped me.

@alcinnz @paoloredaelli @Datendealerin

I somehow got used to brave on newer androids and now got 9lder one so chromium unhooked seemed like rational choice, albeit if you say security is much higher in Firefox,I might toy with idea of switching. I was bit concerned with performance of firefighters vs chromium family but maybe it can be overcome.

Do you have any suggestions for working nicely adblock solution for ff on android 5 0 and about?


If verified positivelty that might be a huge story.

@Datendealerin Welp opening things in Tiktok's viewer is a load of junk anyway considering there's no open in browser option. But fuck wow 🧐

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