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DiscourseNet Congress No. 5 in collaboration with ALED: Discourses and their impact on a world of multiples crisis.
25-28 July 2023 in Valencia (Spain)
Save the date! For more information and updates visit:

#OutNow: My first co-authored article in a peer-reviewed journal. We investigate how different computational approaches fare with complex literary texts: (open access).

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Hi everyone, my name is Frank. I am a political scientist and sociologist at Kiel University, Germany, working on International Political Sociology, critical security studies, German foreign policy and the authoritarian threat of the Republican Party in the US. Looking forward to interesting conversations, in case someone here is interested in politics.

For our next session of our reading group, we will read the first chapter of bell hooks’ book “Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black”.

To join, please sign up here:

Interested in German foreign policy, security policy and/or discourse analysis and theory? Check out my book (free intro available here):
30 percent off with promo code UMSTENGEL

#Germany4Ukraine #Zeitenwende #discourse #securitynews

Diese Woche Hegemonieanalyse im Seminar. Als Auftakt die Studierenden diskutieren lassen, wie sie es angehen würden die Weltherrschaft zu erringen? #Hegemonie #Diskursanalyse

Sadly this sounds very familiar to the German audience: David Bates on nationalist and anti-immigration rhetoric in the Labour Party’s post-brexit #discourse. Can we get past this, please? #nationalism #brexit #SocialistNationalism #Immigration #populism

Try Mastodon they said... So, here I am, #historian working on the #earlymodern period and historical #peaceresearch, especially in the Baltic Sea region and the Holy Roman Empire, with a particular soft spot for Imperial Diets and constitutional history. #introduction

Wir haben für CeMAS eine bevölkerungsrepräsentative Umfrage durchgeführt, um besser zu verstehen, wie stark sich Verschwörungserzählungen rund um den russischen Angriffskrieg auf die Ukraine in der Gesellschaft verbreitet haben. Das Research Paper mit den Ergebnissen haben wir heute veröffentlicht.


I conduct research in #sociology, #ScienceAndTechnologyStudies, in short #STS, primarily at the intersection of empirical issues of #digitalisation and #environmental # sustainability. Currently, #IchBinHannah, active in teaching and community organisation within #STS in Europe and Germany.

For those of you who want to discuss #sociology and get to know new people I just started a group: @sociology

Follow the group if you want to receive news and mention it if you want to share a post.

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I maintain FediScience together with @FrankSonntag. Do reach out to us with any questions or when people make you feel less welcome.

Once we have enough people here, we would like to transfer the ownership of this server to an association. The main limit would probably be finding enough people interested in engaging in such an association.

This association could receive donations, determine the rules, hold elections and appoint moderators.

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Many new people joined FediScience this week in response to our global media system becoming even more oligarchic.

🎉 Welcome to the future everyone! 🛰️

So do have an extra look at our local time line or browse our directory.

Wenn ihr Euch zu prekären Arbeitsbedingungen in der Wissenschaft, und etc. austauschen wollt, folgt der Gruppe @academicsunite.

Our next Open DiscourseNet Seminar London on will feature a talk by Rick Iedema on and . Iedema will ask if affects are discursive practices or unqualified, autonomous energy.

To join this talk, please sign up here:

Check out the program of our workshop on discourses of and is happening this Thursday, 14th April! To participate register until 13th April.

If you have missed our Open DiscourseNet Seminar London with Jan Zienkowski on “Culture wars in Belgium?” you can now find it on our YouTube channel:

DiscourseNet Congress No. 5 in collaboration with ALED: Discourses and their impact on a world of multiples crisis.
25-28 July 2023 in Valencia (Spain)
Save the date! For more information and updates visit:

We at DiscourseNet want to provide a space to discuss the in and how can contribute to better understand current political developments. You are invited to submit short abstracts for contributions until 7 April 2022.

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