Fawkes, a software developed by the Univ. of Chicago, can be used to modify your images at a pixel level so that they look they same to humans, but can no longer be used for automated image (i.e. person) recognition.
Would people be interested to have this integrated into Mastodon so it can be used on images they upload?

I wrote an announcement of to explain to people who do not know Mastodon yet why it is good for them and society.

Micro-blogging for scientists without nasties and surveillance variable-variability.blogspot.

The links on Twitter and Reddit are up.



Please help create some buzz on the legacy silos. So that we can move some scientists from to past to the future.

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Micro-blogging for scientists without nasties & surveillance variable-variability.blogspot.

The announcement of FediScience got 500 boosts.

More important would be to spread the news outside of Mastodon. They need more explanation, so I wrote the above blog post to explain why Mastodon is better for us & for society.

Please spread on social networks this Monday at 3pm (Berlin), 2pm (London), 9am (New York). You will find a post here:

And a Tweet here:

This year the North Eastern Conference on Science and Skepticism is an online event and therefore available world wide.


New people of , who did not do so yet, please introduce yourself using the hashtag and indicate your expertise and interests in your bio. It is good to know who we are talking with.

P.S. Yes, I know I used . My mistake.

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Good morning everyone! As I'm on holiday and using this on my phone, I was wondering if there was a good app for mobile devices for mastodon that anyone can recommend?


Fediscience is the social network for scientists.