Maybe 2021 was not perfect, but we did get Translate Science off the ground.

🎉 Happy New Year!! 🍾

@StaedtischeMuseenFreiburg Die Museen in Wien hätten auch nach Mastodon wechseln können, aber kennen es wahrscheinlich nicht. Könnt Ihr irgendwie die Kollegen informieren? Vor alle wenn solche bekannte Museen ins Fediverse wechseln wurde uns dies sehr helfen.

komplett kommentiert und als herausgegeben.

Ich find das eine super Idee von Wissenschaftskommunikator Florian Freistetter und Claudia Frick.

My company is looking for a experienced Laravel developer with solid Javascript skills. This is freelance, flexible part-time & remote work but the person's location should not be more than a few hours outside the middle-European timezone.
First contact can be informal trough a DM here or an email to
Boosts appreciated.

One of my all-time favorite bloggers debunking climate nonsense just joined the Fediverse: Sou from the Australian blog .

Representing science, I feel I have to be somewhat friendly/neutral responding to the industrially produced flood of BS. It is cathartic to read posts of someone who does not have that constraint, while maintaining high scientific standards of evidence.

Here is a sample of her work:

Finally got around to finishing my #photo! Took quite a lot of learning to edit LRGB (monochrome) photos for the first time.

Here it is: The #galaxy #cluster HCG68 and NGC5371

There are quite a few very distant and small galaxies in this photo, can you spot them?

The galaxies that belong to HCG68 (the biggest ones visible) are at a distance of roughly 110 million light years from earth.

#space #astrophotography #science #astronomy #photography #photog #longexposure #nightsky #photography

Wir sind dann mal hier! 😀

Die Universität Freiburg freut sich auf Kommunikation und Austausch hier auf Mastodon. 🤝


We launched a new group to promote the translation of the scientific literature variable-variability.blogspot.

We are naturally also on the Fediverse: @TranslateScience

In my own post on the group I write about how I changed from thinking English is just a basic science skill, like statistics and coding, to starting this group due to my work as #climatologist.

Translating scientific works is part of #OpenScience. Language barriers should not waste scientific talent.

#ClimateChange #Climatology

Next week Wednesday is our first online Homogenization Colloquium.

Last year one of our main seminars on the homogenization of climate data was online. We noticed that there were many participants who were normally not there.

People who could not afford the travel and people who did do some homogenization, but where the weather service would only send their main expert to the seminar.

So we will try to regularly meet online to be more inclusive.

In this week's edition of the Corona Virus Update Prof. Christian Drosten made an observation that has serious policy implications. German media reported on it, but I have not seen much in English. So I wrote a blog post on it.

Antigen rapid tests much less effective for screening than previously thought according to top German virologist Drosten variable-variability.blogspot.

It sounds credible to me. If true using a rapid test does not make indoor activities like dining safe.

The international signal for help.

Let's make it known all over the world. It will make a difference.

's Peter Bauer will give a online talk on a big new project .

"The objective of the Destination Earth initiative is to develop a very high precision digital model of the Earth to monitor and simulate natural and human activity, and to develop and test scenarios that would enable more sustainable development and support European environmental policies."

It will be on the 17th of March at 16h CET (Berlin) using Zoom:

Language barriers are a problem within science & for communication with science-adjacent professions.

A journalist who should know more about viruses. An agricultural advisor. A climatologist in Peru. An architect designing a building for the weather of the next century. A biologist who found an invasive species.

With some colleagues were are thinking of a switchboard for translated articles, where you can give an article DOI & get links to any translations.

Our next call is this Tuesday.

The skeptics guide to the universe 12 hour live stream starts at 16UTC.
Tune in if you are interested in critical thinking and science communication. There will be quizzes with audience participation.

New #ClimateServices2020 report on #DRRDay
#Climatechange has led to more extreme weather. Yet 1 in 3 people are not covered by #EarlyWarning systems.
Being prepared and able to react at the right time, in the right place, saves lives and livelihoods.


Arctic odyssey ends, bringing home tales of alarming ice loss

The biggest #Arctic expedition in history will return to the German port of Bremerhaven on Monday after a year-long mission, bringing home observations from scientists that sea ice is melting at a "dramatic rate" in the region.

#ClimateScience #MOSAIC

Just realized I never did an on Fediscience...
So hi there! (better late than never)
I'm a physicist by training doing a postdoc on and

I like books, and I'm generally interested in and
I mostly talk about my research fields here, if you want to hear about FLOSS, (in) and , check my alt: @tfardet

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