Fawkes, a software developed by the Univ. of Chicago, can be used to modify your images at a pixel level so that they look they same to humans, but can no longer be used for automated image (i.e. person) recognition.
Would people be interested to have this integrated into Mastodon so it can be used on images they upload?

@FrankSonntag unfortunately they're looking into patenting it :(

@thufie Thank you. I hadn't picked up on that. Not sure how much that matters given that they already published under a BSD license. But I will contact them and see what's what.

@FrankSonntag integration is bloat, but that would be a neat stand alone application

@hyphen Yes, everyone could install it themselves, but it would be a great service to be able to use this filter when uploading a profile pic to Mastodon (or any other web 2.0 site). @FrankSonntag @xj9

@xj9 Features are a feature and services are a service. But nice to talk with someone on Mastodon who coded their own ActivityPub client for the ZX Spectrum in BASIC. @hyphen @FrankSonntag

@VictorVenema @hyphen @FrankSonntag

yes and both are bloat. ideal software contains zero lines of code and allows you to enjoy your life.

@xj9 So your ideal computer is a ZX Spectrum. When you start it up you get the BASIC prompt. Zero lines of code. Nothing standing in your way of enjoying life.

The rest of us ask the public whether a new service would help them. @hyphen @FrankSonntag

@xj9 No, but I do not hold your fundamentalist view that any feature is bloat. Do go on GitHub, fork every project and delete the code. Have a nice day. @hyphen @FrankSonntag

@VictorVenema @FrankSonntag @xj9 it's slow and cpu intensive as fuck tbh. They say 60s per pic, and I don't think that's on a low powered arm device. Sounds like a hobby self-hosting nightmare

@hyphen @VictorVenema I like a challenge! But yeah. Early days and the feasibility needs to be determined.

@AbbieNormal @FrankSonntag just happy that there are people thinking about this, regardless of where it is currently.

I can't help but being sceptical towards efforts like these. Not the intentions, but the efficacy. I'm also worried that this would give people a false sense of security and that that would make them sloppy with regards to pictures of themselves and, worse, pictures of others.

If this was to be on by default, perhaps that wouldn't give rise to the false sense of security. But would it be ethical to manipulate peoples uploads like this without their knowledge?

Just some thoughts.

@omni @FrankSonntag I think you are giving a strong reason why this kind of software should be the default, a Mastodon service.

If just a few people do this to protect themselves, that would not help society & that would also be a clearly defined group for surveillance capitalism & the surveillance state.

When we not only have Amazon Ring doorbells, but also autonomous cars with 20 cameras in all directions, not having identifiable pictures will be necessary to maintain basic human rights.

@VictorVenema @omni Thank you. Good points. Hard to say in advance how much of a backfire effect there might be. Definitively something to discuss with our fediscience users before implementation.

@FrankSonntag `fawkes` might work for circumventing todays face recognition, but in the end it's just an arms race. (like any circumvention technique). There's also a natural limit to this arms race: At some point face recognition tech. may be as good or even surpass human vision. So I actually don't think it's a good to deploy this at scale. I'd only use it selectively in high-risk scenarios and even then it's likely to only temporarily protect against face recognition software.

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