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This is the account of the Grassroots Review Journal system. We will tweet about & (integrating) tools.

Grassroots Review Journals assess the quality of scientific articles & finished manuscripts. Because we only review, we are not limited by copy rights & people do not have to submit their articles to us for it to work.

We aim to be a valuable entry into the literature & to destroy the power of the publishers.

We need coders, editors & messengers.

PhD student Stefano Davide Vianello is living the dream and not sending his preprint to a journal. "Peer-review in a liberated and liberating form, where critical evaluation of your research are just that"

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Prereview together with AfricArXiv, Eider Africa, TCC Africa host a 90-minute long roundtable discussion, bringing African perspectives to the global conversation around this years’ Peer Review Week’s theme, “Identity in Peer Review”.

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B2X – a new pipeline for author services. B2X will enable authors to send their manuscripts to a variety of third-party services, in addition to their B2J pipeline for cooperating journals and review systems.


As co-maintainer I want to thank @VictorVenema for all the work done compiling the list and README.

Now we'd like to see this list grow further. We need your input #fediverse 🤗

PR your entries, or create an issue. All feedback for improvements are welcome.

And if you want to start your own list on a topic of your choice and on the forge of choice, then you can do so. See:

@OpenScienceDeutschland Auch interessant wie eine Forscherin aus Grünland den "horizontalen" Begutachtungsprozess der Literatur kontrastiert mit der "vertikalen" Begutachtung über Jahrhunderte von indigenes Wissen. Damit wäre post-publication Begutachtung 2-dimensional.

In the above podcast (in German) a researcher from Greenland contrasts the "horizontal" review of the literature to the "vertical" review over centuries of indigenous knowledge. This makes post-publication review 2D review.

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The Decentralized Science Team has created "Quartz Open Access", a marketplace for peer-reviews and funding system for future independent Open Access journals.

Are your friends still on #GitHub and other proprietary services?
Tell them about #Codeberg and other free alternatives to monopolistic SaaS solutions - they exist, and they improve with every user who joins them!
#FreeSoftware #UserFreedom

Announcing the Single Source Publishing Community Launch!
A number of people working in the intersection between open-source publishign tech for scholarly publishing and Open Science have come together to advocate for Single Source Publishing. You can find out what's happening with this community over at its discussion board and read a blogpost here

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Solving the Crisis of Open Science and Editors with Blockchain based Journal and Rewards

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