I've noticed a recent linguistic shift in some young people, referring to websites as "apps". Reddit is an "app". The college website is an "app". "Which app did you see that on?"

I don't know if this is just shorthand (they likely access sites through an app) or a genuine misunderstanding of what's going on.

I don't want to be dramatic, but I'd lying if I said it didn't concern me a little. The WWW is a great resource which is free and interoperable. (Well we're down to just 2 browser engines now, but that's another matter). It'd be a shame if the WWW withered away, replaced by "apps", because people didn't know what they had.


@ethicsperoxide In my bookmark folder "internet" (which was not a good idea), I have a subfolder "applications" (which is no longer a good idea because half of all webpages are applications and much of the rest behaves to partially).

Many systems have a client/app and a web interface.

So I would argue that the difference between web pages and applications is becoming less sharp.

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