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From collaboration tools, and OpenProtokols, to Manuscript Repositories and to publishing.

You can submit messages on Reddit.

They are then also syndicated to Fediscience (and a legacy social media site also known as the birdsite).

Workshop introducing best practices in working with Wikipedia and Wikidata and showcasing ways to make use of these tools in both research projects and pedagogy. Organized by the library of the University of British Columbia.

Do you already know @hypothes_is? A web annotation system that is designed for scholars. Select text on any homepage or PDF and add a (public or private) comment. E.g., used by @ScienceFeedback to review press articles on science.

International Symposium on 2020. With many Open Science talks. Free to register online symposium in East Asian time zone (session will be recorded and available for some time).

Passenger Pigeon Manifesto. My unrefined title: Call for Open GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) to join open science, open source and Wikipedia.

Belgium now also has a Research Software Engineers community. Their first conference, the Research Software Developers Day on the 3rd December 2020, is online and is free of charge.

More than 100 scientific journals have disappeared from the Internet. They only studied journals, for which this problem seems fixable. For pay-walled journals it is harder to determine if the content is still there.

Springer Nature, valued at 7 billion Euro, said to become a public corporation and sell 1 billion Euro of its shares. Optimizing quarterly earnings reports they will be forced to be even less of a partner of the scientific community.

The Nation on the Internet Archive: "Publishers Are Taking the Internet to Court." Oldest progressive US magazine worries about the erosion of the idea of private ownership we have seen the last decades.

The number of questionable research practices is associated with higher pressure to create societal impact, while training and conflicts of interest(!) decrease them. They studied Dutch health services research publications.

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