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PhD student Stefano Davide Vianello is living the dream and not sending his preprint to a journal. "Peer-review in a liberated and liberating form, where critical evaluation of your research are just that"

Community Cultivation Resource Library. The FOSS community has learned that open code licenses are not enough. Building communities and their governance are equally important. I think the same goes for Open Science.

Online in is a massive problem.

Why should you receive science-advertisement based on what you have been reading previously?

That keeps you in a resonance chamber, nothing else.

The German Research Foundation (DFG) in June 2021 warndes on this matter. Unfortunately this did not receive the public attention it deserves:

Three seminars: "What Can We Learn from Four Million [institutional repository] Downloads?", "The Local View: Promoting Open Access at The University of Southern Mississippi", "The Global View: A Look at Open Access Efforts Around the World"

Academic intellectual property opinion 

Make Sci-hub legal :scihub:

Abolish copyright on academic papers

Then every paper will be open access :oa:

Project to rebuild papers with plaintext markup languages
Is there a project which tries to recreate all / the most important scientific papers with plaintext markup languages (e.g. Markdown, AsciiDoc, or LaTeX). Storing them as PDFs feels like such waste of space if most papers are just text and diagrams anyways. Also, PDFs are not responsive and don't scale pleasantly on different screen sizes.

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