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the world is on fire and I did a thing today, i feel like i can stop working now :blobheartcat:

just gave the opening keynote at #precs22 with my colleague Limor Peer, talking about our series of community conversations last year on reproducility ( & ending with our 5 big takeaways from them :heart_cybre:

1. Reproducibility work should not designated as ‘extra’ and should be rewarded
2. Do reproducibility work with students as a matter of course
3. Just because it’s easy to use doesn’t make it the optimal tool
4. Computational reproducibility changes the definition of scholarly communication (& how we preserve it)
5. It starts in the mirror - but you’re not alone!

The new Community Gateway in Earth and Environmental Sciences is now live!

"This Community Gateway aims to collate work ... on the publishing platform. ...

Our selection of article types facilitates the dissemination of research in this area, including Research Articles, Brief Reports, Data Notes, Method Articles, ... We accept positive, negative, or null studies, replication studies and refutation studies equally."

Battle of the giants. OCLC (Worldcat, a centralized database of bibliographic records) sued Clarivate (they own the Web of Science, but will buy any science data firm) over a future library to library bibliographic sharing tool.

Hi, I've been around the Fediverse for some time now but never introduced myself.

I am a librarian from Cologne working on tools and projects around Linked Open Usable Data. I love the open, decentralized web and using/creating/maintaining free software. I also do some LIS teaching on IT topics.

I am tooting in English and in German but not frequently. I also toot for @lobid, @skohub and @swib.

#introductions #introduction

Today is the launch of Octopus. Designed to replace journals and papers as the place to establish priority, Octopus publishes hypotheses, methods, data, analyses and reviews.

Scholarly Language Diversity. The percentage non-English articles in the CrossRef DOI database is growing and these journals are more bibliographically diverse. Following English are German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian.

Translated articles are research output. Journals, please publish translations and tell authors you do. Researchers, please publish translations. Make clear it is a translation in the title and put it on your publication list.


Several online tools and apps use #Copernicus #OpenData

Spectator Earth is a great tool that allows you to stay up-to-date on the Copernicus Sentinel 🇪🇺🛰️images and fly-overs of any location

Play with it at


Are you a researcher? If so, I'd be eternally grateful if you would consider completing this questionnaire about PIDs. It doesn't matter if you know or don't know what PIDs are because all views are equally important in this work! :-) #research #academia #PhD #scholcomm

This is interesting:

Preprint citations twice as likely in Methods sections of papers

I think that being cited in Methods sections means often that stuff is actually reproducible. While in Intro/discussion too often high-impact journal papers are cited - that often enough to critisise end up being not reproducible. But keep being cited, because so many others cited.

An argument pro preprint!

There are now half a million Research resource identifiers (RRIDs) in the literature. They are persistent identifiers for resources such as antibodies, reagents, organisms, plasmids and tools. Over 1,000 journals mandate/recommend RRIDs.

Re #introduction as I have changed jobs!

I work with in research support for a UK Higher Ed library, specialising in #ResearchData / #RDM & #OpenResearch / #OpenScience

My particular interests are in systems, technologies & metadata, I work with Eprints, Symplectic Elements & Datacite.

I'm keen to develop more knowledge around open research cultures & practices, pre-registration & alternative publishing models.

"The most frequent [Data Availability Statement] category (42%) indicated that the datasets are available on reasonable request. ... only 122 (6.8%) provided the requested data."

Since a few days, the ÉSAD Pyrénees is switching its standardized formatting template for master thesis from #indesign to #web2print (md → php → html → #paged_js). Responsive web & print design, side notes, images notes, appendices, interviews, bibliography... The goal is to speed up the formatting phase to leave more time for writing, and to promote the sharing of the produced documents. #OpenAccess #OpenSource

The most powerful scientific instrument in existence is the human brain. For this reason many developing countries with very low government budgets for #STEM are doing science of the highest quality.

Let us not now allow the "pay-to-publish" model to dilute their precious contributions, erase their views and silence their valuable opinions.

#greenopenaccess #OpenAccess

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