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Can anybody recommend alternatives to services like semantic scholar and ResearchRabbit, and — I seem to remember one that had more of a tree-like structure but I can't find it now. Trying to set up a good workflow for discovering relevant documents. Filters for things like language and ability to read the abstract inside the program (and click to open the doi) are preferred features.


MIT Press starts a "Direct to Open" program. Libraries that would normally buy their books are asked to contribute to make new books available to the world as . As a thank-you they get access to the MIT backlist with 2,300 titles.

UCL organizes a webinar on E-Books: Scandal or Market Economics? On the "acute difficulties for higher education and public libraries caused by publishers’ pricing and licensing practices as well as possible solutions"

Digital services for science – where is the journey heading? Position paper of the Alliance of German research organizations. Which services are in demand? What are the pro and cons of our own services over commercial silos?

Abolition Science Radio is a bi-weekly podcast series investigating all things science and math and their relationship to colonialism, oppression, resistance, education and liberation.

Science needs a radical overhaul: "Scientists who – consciously or not – use methods that get extravagant and often false results get rewarded; they get jobs and grants and train future generations of scientists."

Editorial: "New impact factor calculation dramatically affects publishing: What authors should know." (Gathering citations before "publication" no longer works.) The title illustrates how sick our research assessment and university ranking systems are.

Can anyone point me to an ideal data sharing policy?
I'm working on updating a data policy and I'm looking for what this community considers ideal statements.

Free two-day conference on Research Impact Assessment: Impact Frameworks and Cultural Change. With a debate on the thesis: "This house believes that funders should remove the impact sections from their application forms."

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