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The Open Science Feed shares daily links to everything .

From collaboration tools, and OpenProtokols, to Manuscript Repositories and to publishing.

You can submit messages on Reddit.

They are then also syndicated to Fediscience (and a legacy social media site also known as the birdsite).

Call for contributions for , a loosely-structured conference for people working at the intersection of libraries/archives/museums/cultural heritage and technology.

A survey by the Center for Open Science finds researchers mostly look for Open Science cues to judge preprints (links to methods, data, code) rather than author's previous work or affiliation. Repositories do not communicate these cues well.

Study on correction notices in psychology. About 1% of all articles is corrected. Only 30% of those impacted results. Of those 5% mentioned that the conclusions changed. The corrections twice as often weakened as bolstered the original conclusion.

I made an account for the Open Science Feed on Lemmy.

Lemmy is the fediverse platform that looks much like Reddit.

For now this is just for fun. To make it more official we would at least need a way for our Reddit posts to automatically post to Lemmy. Or our Mastodon posts to automatically post on Lemmy. In the best case also from Lemmy to Mastodon, Reddit and Twitter.

Does anyone know how to do this?

To fight abuse of citations the Royal Society will create a database with the citations added during review. Authors are explicitly asked to alert the editors of coerced citations and reviewers are asked to report fishy citations.

Global free online conference - Semantic Web in Libraries starts today. Short daily sessions in the European afternoon. This Monday: Audrey Tang, the inspiring Digital Minister of Taiwan, every country would like to have.

ASAPbio is currently running a Design Sprint on Preprints. A great way to see how people propose to move preprinting forward. This page shows the recording of the Kickoff, the 21 proposals and their slides.

How to handle abuse of power by PhD supervisors to do bad science. Report of a workshop on early career researcher's needs by Martin Holst and 9 anonymous participants.

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