@VictorVenema @trunk Please remove this account from Science

It might be an idea to have a category Germany. Trunk has several other regions and Germany should be big enough.

@OpenScienceFeed Unfortunately, I want to use Trunk to connect people with people. A feed such as this one does not qualify, I think – just as we don't list other newsbots and the like. Even our Organisations list would not be good fit, I think.
@VictorVenema @VictorVenema

@trunk Yes, this is a feed.

I personally would not mind changing that policy. New people are looking for interesting accounts, not necessarily only people.

Especially when already reduce people to one or a few categories, also feeds would fit in my view. And it is not like Mastodon is overrun with feeds, at least the part I see.

@OpenScienceFeed Well, it's hard to see them because no algorithm promotes them and many admins don't want them on their sites.
botsin.space/public or #news might be an uncurated starting point.

Anyway, if you build a cool list of feeds, I'll link to it. Feel free to use communitywiki itself, e.g. a page like communitywiki.org/wiki/Mastodo (or whatever seems fit).

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