Umm, what have we on the 'Related awesomeness' section of Awesome Humane Teh curated list to be more independent of #google and other such future #cloud outages?

Let's see..

- Awesome Self-hosted
- Awesome Decentralized
- Awesome Peer-to-peer
- Awesome Alternatives
- Awesome Free Software
- Awesome Ad-Free
- degoogle
- ReverseEagle-Developers
- delightful project

All aggregated lists to improve your situation :)

The #delightful project, btw, was created by me, and it is still in its early days.

It is similar to #awesome project, but exclusively for curated lists that collect #foss #openscience and #opendata resources.

I'd be delighted if you are interested in maintaining your own curated list on a subject that has your passion

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@humanetech All of Open Science is a too big topic for one person. But this week I have started making a list for Open Science News sources, the ones I use to create the Open Science Feed.

To make this into a project, I would have to put it on Codeberg (already have an account) and then ask you to link it or how does the cross linking work? Newbie for these lists.

@OpenScienceFeed thank you for your interest, very nice! There can be as many topical lists as people want to create and maintain. There's instruction on how to set one up, and you can either PR or file an issue to notify me.

PS. I just started an open science list with one other person, not yet announced. It is for collecting tools, foss, etc .. everything that is in support of making science open (but not for works of open science, i.e the research itself).

if you create an issue in codeberg we can discuss there about setting things up.

Hi @OpenScienceFeed I created that issue here:

@openscience maybe you are also interested in partaking in some great collection building?

@humanetech @OpenScienceFeed I currently have a lot to do, but maybe I can join a little later?


@openscience Naturally no problem, it is anyway a living document. @humanetech

@openscience that is no problem at all. The more people the more fun (and action).

The curated #delightful lists will continue to grow and gain more visibility over time.

This is similar to how the awesome project works, where I maintain awesome-humane-tech for 3 years now:

And this is the top-level awesome by Sindre Sorhus:


@openscience if you are on #codeberg then I can give you direct write access to the repo. Then we we are 4 maintainers already, which is great for such an important subject as #openscience 😀


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