Not sure it is related, but it seem like since Elon Musk "bought" Twitter nice things happen every day. just joined the Fediverse & immediately with their own server! Welcome @jscaux
😊 🎉 ⚛️

SciPost does amazingly well trying something really hard: to build from scratch a modern complete publishing infrastructure system one would design had we not had the legacy of paper journals.

@OpenScienceFeed thanks a lot, the Fediverse is really a great galaxy to join, all the more since you people are a big part of it!

@jscaux Welcome and thanks.

and the go really well together. I hope the fediverse can be a model for an open science ecosystem with multitude of services that can all talk to each other.

@OpenScienceFeed Thanks for your welcome again, it's really kind!

And yes absolutely, I agree that the #Fediverse has immense potential for #OpenScience, the distributed model is just brilliant.

Kind of ashamed I didn't start this SciPost-maintained instance before now, the developments of the last couple of weeks indeed finally pushed me over the edge!

@jscaux I did it the other way around. 😎

My journal-independent post-publication post review system @GrassrootsReview is unfortunately not making much progress, but the instance I had planned,, to start a few years after the review system was already started two years ago because I found a collaboration partner who was interested. Life is weird.

@OpenScienceFeed @GrassrootsReview Keep going, sometimes it takes *years* for things to catch on. I'm quite curious where we'll all be in 5 years. Building new systems is the key!

@OpenScienceFeed @jscaux great news! Is there a SciPost account on the instance, to keep track of developments?

@stragu @OpenScienceFeed Yes I've defined a few accounts (you probably want to start with the @edadmin one, and then @physics etc), we'll soon start tooting SciPost-related stuff from those. Just need to teach the team how to toot first!!

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