Here I am! (Yeah, like y'all have been waiting for me... 🙈 )

Giving Mastodon a try, curious as to what type of tankespjärn I might find here, as well as what value I can provide.

Part of my curiosity centers around:

What's the thing that makes you give Mastodon a 👍 ?

But I am also eager to hear your best tips for a total rookie like me - so please, tell me:

What to do, who to 'follow' (is that even what I'd be doing here?), do's and don'ts?


@helenaroth I like the friendly atmosphere. Especially having been a climate scientist on Twitter and having all those fools trying to derail real conversations.

My main tip is to write a post with the hashtag introduction (in German it is NewHere). It is a bit harder here to find interesting people, that partially because Mastodon is decentralized and partly also because it makes it harder for baddies to find people to harass. With an introduction post you make it easy for people to find you.

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