@OpenScienceFeed They call it |s and Linked Data Notifications. I call it . This 4 million Dollar may be the biggest public investment in AP yet.

@GrassrootsReview @OpenScienceFeed

One is not the same as the other. Are there plans to indeed consider #ActivityPub here? I mean there's huge potential to bring such new domain / app type to the #Fediverse or interconnectivity AS/LDN vs. AS/AP are different approaches.

@humanetech Do you know of a description of the difference? I tried to convince them to use AP, just like I plan for the Grassroots journals, but to no avail.

@GrassrootsReview it is both a difference in transport protocol + API's used, as well as data formats. Though they are both linked data, LDN is more directly part of the whole semantic web set of specs. LDN may be more appropriate in this field than AP. But I'm no expert either.

One person who is, and is working on the super interesting #Dokieli (with #ActivityPub support) is @csarven and may find COAR Notiy interesting as well.


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