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It is possible for a reviewer to be critical as well as kind and courteous. Editors should send back unprofessional reviews back. Review system could include a positive comments’ section.

Five percent of authors of systematic reviews/meta-analysis who published their protocols in advance report that it has been stolen. In a cooperative system publishing protocols avoids double work. The publish-or-perish system again hinders scientific progress.

Analysis of 18,875 Corona papers: Although commercial publishers committed to make this research , only 91% of papers published in 2020 is and only 60% of papers published from 2001-2020.

China’s research-misconduct rules target ‘paper mills’ that churn out fake studies. China is ahead of the curve. This is what you get using market logic and market lingo when there is no market because science is a common good.

Do you already know the OpenScience MOOC? A Massive Online Course and Community on why we do this to scholarly communication, open data, open source research software, Reproducible Research and Open Educational Resources.

Do you already know GOSH? The Gathering for Open Science Hardware works to make scientific hardware more affordable and flexible, which will especially help the global South. They network with citizen science, maker and hack spaces.

Scholars of the open social network fediverse organized a summer school. Recorded talks are on all topics, from open science hardware and inclusion to Achaemenid Empire, the Kronecker-Weber theorem and a brief history of neoliberalism.

Why cOAlition S’ Rights Retention Strategy Protects Researchers
Last month, cOAlition S released its Rights Retention Strategy to safeguard researchers’ intellectual ownership rights and suppress unreasonable embargo periods—Creative Commons (CC) keenly supports this

Good summary of the state of the discourse on "Open weather and climate science". FAIR data, standard data formats and communication protocols are important. Political and legal problems limit sharing.

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