A new recommended by @PCI_Archaeo: Plutniak S. (2021). The strength of parthood ties. Modelling spatial units and fragmented objects with the TSAR method – Topological Study of Archaeological Refitting. osf.io/q2e69 @CNRS

A new recommended by @PCI_Archaeo: @QueffelecAlain1, Fouéré, P. and Caverne, J.-B. (2021). A database of lapidary artifacts in the Caribbean for the Ceramic Age. Socarxiv, osf.io/7dq3b/

A new recommended by @PCI_Archaeo: @DoyonLuc
, Li, Z., Wang, H., Geis, L. and d'Errico, F. (2021). A 115,000-year-old expedient bone technology at Lingjing, Henan, China. Socarxiv, osf.io/68xpz/

Recommended by Camille Daujeard (from @Le_Museum
) based on 3 published reviews by Jarod Hudson, @DelphineVettese
and one anonymous reviewer

This is the eight recommendation of @PCI_Archaeo ! Try us, this is the way to go in 2021 !

Arqueologia join the PCI friendly journals' list! It's an journal of the Kvasir Publishing group (@Kvasir_P
). If you work on South America: 1) put a preprint wherever you want, 2) make it peer-reviewed by @PCI_Archaeology
, 3) publish easily!

Another new PCI Friendly journal: @Heritage_MDPI
, from the @MDPIOpenAccess
group, joins the list. You can thus be sure now that they will welcome your manuscript even after the PCI complete process, and they may use the Open reviews as their own, if appropriate.

Welcome a new PCI Friendly journal: Archäologische Informationen from @DGUF1969
! It is an diamond journal, that will accept your already peer-reviewed preprint, and will use PCI reviews and recommendations for their own review processes, if appropriate.

1/3 A new peer-reviewed by @PCI_Archaeo: J. Lewis (2020). Probabilistic Modelling using Monte Carlo Simulation for Incorporating Uncertainty in Least Cost Path Results: a Roman Road Case Study. doi.org/10.31235/osf.io/prepri


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