A new recommended by @PCI_Archaeo: Plutniak S. (2021). The strength of parthood ties. Modelling spatial units and fragmented objects with the TSAR method – Topological Study of Archaeological Refitting. osf.io/q2e69 @CNRS

A new recommended by @PCI_Archaeo: @QueffelecAlain1, Fouéré, P. and Caverne, J.-B. (2021). A database of lapidary artifacts in the Caribbean for the Ceramic Age. Socarxiv, osf.io/7dq3b/

A new recommended by @PCI_Archaeo: @DoyonLuc
, Li, Z., Wang, H., Geis, L. and d'Errico, F. (2021). A 115,000-year-old expedient bone technology at Lingjing, Henan, China. Socarxiv, osf.io/68xpz/

Recommended by Camille Daujeard (from @Le_Museum
) based on 3 published reviews by Jarod Hudson, @DelphineVettese
and one anonymous reviewer

This is the eight recommendation of @PCI_Archaeo ! Try us, this is the way to go in 2021 !

1/3 A new peer-reviewed by @PCI_Archaeo: J. Lewis (2020). Probabilistic Modelling using Monte Carlo Simulation for Incorporating Uncertainty in Least Cost Path Results: a Roman Road Case Study. doi.org/10.31235/osf.io/prepri


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