ich suche eine/n übersetzer:in für mein buch. rund 26.641 wörter von deutsch auf englisch. eine grobe vorlage mit deepL kann ich liefern wenn das hilft. toll wäre rechnungsstellnung noch dieses jahr. gern hätte ich eine/n native speaker:in mit erfahrung, um die wirkung des buchs ins englische zu übertragen (statt 1:1 den text). das buch soll möglichst leicht lesbar menschen ins nachdenken bringen, die sich bisher wenig gedanken über alternatives wirtschaften gemacht haben. kennt jemand jemand?

“All sorting systems have biases. Dewey’s has more biases than most. And in the modern world, it is particularly troublesome. It is entirely Anglo-centric. It is almost, comically, Christian-centric.” Judith Flanders, in an interview

Open Session, "Kiswahili Linguists for Speech Recognition", where several linguists and language experts along with the Mozilla team working on a Speech Recognition dataset for Kiswahili will present some collaborative work.

When? Wednesday 8th December
Time: 10am to 12noon EAT

Where: On Zoom, register in advance here mozilla.zoom.us/meeting/regist

China shifts from reliance on international publications universityworldnews.com/post.p

News story from the first months of the pandemic. China wants to produce more articles in Chinese.

Word has it that the leadership was not amused that the main article about the SARS2 virus was published in English and not in Chinese.

Rather than writing more Chinese articles I wish they had simply set aside money for translations. So that everyone can read the articles and Chinese authors can write in Chinese.

Machine Translation contest for beginners. Argos Translate is built on top of OpenNMT so if you're interested in contributing to Argos or Libre Translate this could be a good way to learn some basics. forum.opennmt.net/t/machine-tr

African languages to get more bespoke scientific terms nature.com/articles/d41586-021

"There’s no original isiZulu word for dinosaur. Germs are called amagciwane, but there are no separate words for viruses or bacteria. ...

A research project [of Masakhane] called Decolonise Science plans to translate 180 scientific papers from the AfricArXiv preprint server into 6 African languages: isiZulu & Northern Sotho from southern Africa; Hausa & Yoruba from West Africa; & Luganda & Amharic from East Africa."

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Do you already know Masakhane?
A grassroots Natural Language Processing (NLP) community for Africa, by Africans.

They have build a first translation system from English into six African languages. translate.masakhane.io

What do people think about translating CCTG to more languages? We currently have de, en, bg, ro, tr and pl translations from CWA, others would need to be translated from scratch. The app contains quite a lot of text and much of it relates to either healthcare advice or data protection notices or technical details about the exposure notification functionality, so the translations wouldn't be easy and would need to meet quite a high standard.

DDG has that too. It works using Bing translate engine.

I noticed recently added a feature to submit feedback by manually editing translations.

Startpage is a data privacy search engine and now also has a translate function.

Just type "translate" in the search bar (or the equivalent in your language).

One should still be careful not to share confidential information, but the to be translated text will not be connected to you.

Open and Inclusive Access to Research is a four day virtual symposium.

Looks like an interesting program. openandinclusiveresearch.org/p

We will also be there in the session on Translation Systems for Global Knowledge Justice convened by Simon Worthington of FORCE11.

@TranslateScience Does anyone speak Korean and would be willing to translate around 400 words for the first project of a three-people indie-developer-team from Germany? They would be super grateful! I could connect you to them.

had a segment on on non-English |s. youtube.com/watch?v=l5jtFqWq5i

Highly recommended, especially for people interested in |s.

Main points:
* 90% of its monthly users are non-English, but only 13% of fact checking.
* Major fact checking sites are mostly English.

* He mentioned Vietnamese Social movements trying to help:
- movementhub.org/resource/the-i
- the-interpreter.org
- vietfactcheck.org

Likely similar group for other languages.

My uncle just finished 1.6 kg, 700 pages long dictionary of Northern Sami, a language spoken by around 20,000 speakers.

Sami are an indigenous people who have inhabited large parts of Northern Europe spanning from Russia to Norway for millenniums.

He has dedicated his life to advocate for their rights and preserve their languages and culture. This book is a major contribution in an effort to ensure that this ancient language will be passed on to future generations.

Would you like to help translate BookWyrm? There's now an easy way to get involved:


This Thursday is International Translation Day. This year's theme is "United in Translation".

Is anyone here aware of interesting activities?

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