At Wikimenia (the Wikipedia Conference) the Canadian weather service presented a nice project where they put their weather station data on the as tables (not used much) and station meta data into .

With this information a template for Wikipedia then automatically generates up to date information on the climate at a certain station, which can be added to the Wikipedia page of nearly cities.


Short description:

They are looking for other weather services to join them. I just wrote the German Weather Service.

The weather station information in has IDs from the World Meteorological Organization. So it should be possible to add a link in WikiData to the official WMO metadata database OSCAR.

Next step would the be including data from WikiData into OSCAR. Then volunteers could help make the data more complete, for example, add coordinates and photos.


Environment Canada is adding their weather station data to the and calls on other weather services to do the same.

They have a Template that then automatically generates up-to-date climate tables to Wikipedia.

A remaining problem is that these "templates" have to be coded new for every language. The rest of the Wikipedia User Interface can do internationalization and be translated by TranslateWiki, but somehow the templates not yet.

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