China shifts from reliance on international publications

News story from the first months of the pandemic. China wants to produce more articles in Chinese.

Word has it that the leadership was not amused that the main article about the SARS2 virus was published in English and not in Chinese.

Rather than writing more Chinese articles I wish they had simply set aside money for translations. So that everyone can read the articles and Chinese authors can write in Chinese.


As follow up on the story that China wants to write more scientific articles in Chinese: does anyone here know someone in China (at the Chinese Academy of Sciences?) who we could write to to lobby for translating these articles?

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I have a friend working at Chinese univ, it that helps. His name is Haiyan Liu. Will DM his email.

@TranslateScience wait… how do you send direct message in mastodon? :) will send an email.

@dasaptaerwin Maybe your friend would have better ideas who to write to. I found the general email of the Chinese Academy of Science and the National Science library.

P.S. You send a DM, with the privacy settings below your post. Or chose DM in the menu of someone's profile.

ohh I like this. more diverse language sounds like a lovely thing. more and more reasons for people to learn and use multiple languages in their work. makes for good translation work too and hopefully encourages more fluent cultural exchange.

If it needs translation, the campaign should be targeted at the Anglosphere. They will have the motivation, because without it some knowledge would be missing.

I have seen old classic articles in fluid mechanics and physics translated from German and Russian, so it has been done before. For eg. works of Prandtl and Kolmogorov.

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