Looking at the data (they manage the |s for scholarly publishing) has on translated articles I found some Easter eggs.

They have a publisher, the "Society of Psychoceramics", which has several journals.

My favorite, working on historical climate data, is the "Journal of Metadata Perfection". Would love to be able to publish there.

They published the articles:
- When your best metadata isn't good enough: working with an imperfect specification
- but what if i tried again


About half of the CrossRef database entries of article that are or have translations do not have information on the language.

Also in a few percent of cases the language in the database does not match the language of the title.

There are many tools to estimate the language of a text. Does anyone here have any advice on picking one (that could work with titles)?

Would be great to have a method that indicates how accurate the estimate is.

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