We would like to search for translated articles on scientific repositories like .

Searching for "translation" or "translated" gives many false alarms. Adding a language would likely work much better. Does anyone have an idea how to get a list with the names of "all" languages?

Similarly how to find a list with the translation of "translation" and "translated" in many languages?

Wikidata has a list of 100+ languages and the word translation (but not "translated").

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@TranslateScience I am sure, you aren't the only ones with this issue.
I use Mendeley for my concepts, but I can't even remember to have seen any doc type classification with "language" as a property.
It sure would help if both source, source language and translated language would be classification properties.
(Spent hours searching for English translations of German state compliance requirements🙄)

@jeroen CrossRef, the organization that is responsible for the DOIs, does provide metadata on the language and publishers can upload information on translations (but not indicate which language the translations are). So Mendeley could show you that.

Masakhane is translating scientific articles into African languages and it is hard to find translations of scientific/technical terms.

It would be great if fields of study would publish multilingual glossaries.

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