CrossRef splits information on author names in four parts, which I have to combine (in code) into a reference.

Family Name
Given Name

I have never seen it in the wild, but what do you do if you have both a prefix and a suffix? (If you code, you have to cover all bases.)

Would an article of Alice von Schonburg Sr. be written in a reference list as:
Schonburg, Alice, von, Sr. (2022). Title. Journal.
Schonburg, Alice, Sr., von
Schonburg, von, Alice, Sr.

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@TranslateScience in the Netherlands, where prefixes are common, we tend to have the format "family name, given names prefix" (E.g. Buren, W.A. van), without a comma between the latter. No clue how the Sr. / Jr. etc would fit in that though. Now you've peaked my interest so I will be following the responses 😬

@Timo_Micro Bedankt.

If adding the prefix without comma is the international standard, that would solve the order problem. Then you could only add the prefix after the given name (or initials).

Buren, W.A. van, Sr.

Buren, Sr., W.A. van
But intuitively, I would say the given name is most important and should be directly after the family name.

Maybe there simply is no international standard as there are not enough prefix people in this world.

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