@OpenScienceFeed Translate Science will also be at Wikimania. We would like to talk to everyone which articles need translation the most. How do we set priorities?

This off-program Networking session will follow the Language Diversity Hub session August 13, 18:20-18:45 UTC.

Registration for Wikimania is open. Once there, go to the Networking section and join the Translate Science group.

Also if you cannot make it, do leave your thoughts here.

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@OpenScienceFeed In a bit less than four hours we will go live to talk to people about what should be prioritized when translating scientific articles.

To get into the Wikimania Conference Tool you need to register (for free). Then I think this link will work to find us.

If not, in the tool go to: Networking | Groups | Translate Science Open Brainstorming today (August 13) 18:20-18:45 UTC

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