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About half of the CrossRef database entries of article that are or have translations do not have information on the language.

Also in a few percent of cases the language in the database does not match the language of the title.

There are many tools to estimate the language of a text. Does anyone here have any advice on picking one (that could work with titles)?

Would be great to have a method that indicates how accurate the estimate is.

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Machine Translation Benchmark Dataset for Languages in the Horn of Africa

Lesan AI has just published their first dataset on GitHub with data for , , , and .

Looking at the data (they manage the |s for scholarly publishing) has on translated articles I found some Easter eggs.

They have a publisher, the "Society of Psychoceramics", which has several journals.

My favorite, working on historical climate data, is the "Journal of Metadata Perfection". Would love to be able to publish there.

They published the articles:
- When your best metadata isn't good enough: working with an imperfect specification
- but what if i tried again

The Deep Learning Indaba 2022, a gathering of the African Machine Learning and AI Community, is in Tunis: Applications Open

We will be at the tomorrow (Monday).

We are asking for feedback on what we can do to promote the translation of the scholarly literature.

Our session will be in the time slot 14:45 – 15:30 CET (Berlin). 8:45 New York, 10:45 Buenos Aires, 17:45 Tehran, 19:45 Mumbai, 20:45 Jakarta, 22:45 Tokyo.

A Call to Diversify the Lingua Franca of Academic STEM Communities. "Create infrastructure that standardizes and facilitates the language translation process and hosting of multilingual publications."

Strengthening research capacity: a systematic review of manuscript writing and publishing interventions for researchers in low-income and middle-income countries

"Across interventions, leaders expressed the importance of a high ratio of mentors to participants, the need to accommodate time demands of busy researchers, and the necessity of a budget for open access fees and high-quality internet connectivity."

📢 We are excited to share that you can now help translate OONI Explorer to any language! 😍

OONI Explorer is one of the largest open datasets on internet censorship around the world. 🐙 💫

Warm thanks to the Localization Lab community! ❤️

#ooniexplorer #localization #ooni #opendata #censorship

Question for the .

I would like to translate an old meteorological book as a test case together with @xldrkp to see how the tools, starting with , perform.

A terrible case 🤡: a German book with long citations in French and Italian, many, many footnotes, figures, tables. If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere.

The publisher kindly send me a scan of the book. So I need good Software. What is your favorite OCR Tool?

Du hast ein FOSS Projekt / App, wo ich mit übersetzen kann. dann erwähne einfach meinen account

You have a FOSS project / app where I can help translate. then just mention my account.

Do you know by any chance freelance translators for Danish, Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian? If so please contact me.

Maybe 2021 was not perfect, but we did get Translate Science off the ground.

🎉 Happy New Year!! 🍾

As follow up on the story that China wants to write more scientific articles in Chinese: does anyone here know someone in China (at the Chinese Academy of Sciences?) who we could write to to lobby for translating these articles?

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Hello it’s my #introduction. I’m new on Mastodon. I’m a hydrogeologist based in Indonesia, working at Institut Teknologi Bandung. I also support #openscience and make #sketchnote. :) here’s a Christmas present for all of you. My sketchnote from the book #TeachLikeFinland.

This looks cool. Wikitongues is documenting and trying to revitalize endangered languages.

"Add your mother tongue to our seed bank of language diversity. Add videos, audio recordings, or text documents. "

📣 Translators wanted!

Help us translate our new UI using

Special thanks to @NGIZero for sponsoring this endeavour! #pixelfed #l10n #translations #crowdin

I came across a documentary showing clay tablets used for writing long long ago. Now that we have Translate Science this made me wonder how they have been translated.

Does anyone here know how that is done?

If they have software/tools to find and make such translations would that be something we could adopt/adapt for translated scientific articles?

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