Glad to take part in the #Metrology for #ClimateAction conference this week. Looking forward to fruitful interaction and discussions.

"Continuing to say publicly 1.5°C is still alive is no longer defensible, yet politicians, leading academics and the environmental movement persist in doing so. In response, polluting industries and policymakers are inadvertently being encouraged to resist rapid decarbonization."

Since the 1.5°C limit was set I have seen unprecedented action. As far as I know we did not have Extinction Rebellion before.

So I wonder where the claim comes from that the new limit encourages more resistance. 2/2

This week is .

- 2,532 individual banned books
- 1,648 unique book titles
- 1,261 different authors
- 290 illustrators
- 138 school districts
- 32 states
- 5,049 schools
- 4 million students

- 41% LGBTQ+ theme
- 40% prominent characters of color;
- 21% directly address issues of race and racism

Most books were banned in the red cancel culture states of Texas and Florida.

On the upside: the bigots clearly know their ideology is indefensible.

I missed my !

I am a PhD in Human-Robot Interaction , and I have worked 10+ years on software for NAO and Pepper, two famous .

I'm also interested in cognitive science , its consequences in , and its power to cut the bs.

I am currently a freelance ( and I promote my work, my knowledge and my opinion on and . I wish to foster some common grounds with research and industrial peers.

Crying over archaeology again

When this child was hurt, people came together to help them. They were helped medically and they were given support and care while they healed and afterwards and they made it to adulthood. People like to say it's just human nature to be shitty to each other but it's also human nature to care for the members of your community who need help.

Hi all, I'm Henry (not really) a 40+ sort of data analyst in a #conservation related organization. I am about to submit my Thesis in #CommunityEcology that deals with Reef Fish diversity temporal fluctuations. Formerly an Environmental Engineer , I decided a few years ago to call it quits and become an #Ecologist. I can program in #rstats and I yearn for international cooperative volunteering in my field. If you know of any opportunities for such things, let me know pls !


"Agriculture is responsible for 84% of deforestation, and the amount of land given over to farming has tripled since 1985, according to the report."


Do you run a Fediverse instance?

Do you block other instances?

Do you breakdown your Fediverse blocks by category?

Do you want the Fediverse to be a safer place and are willing to put time/effort into making that happen?

I'd like to talk to you for an upcoming project.

I'm a statistical seismologist in 🇪🇺 at #UniNa (#Naples, #Italy).

I analyze #earthquake #data with #statistics, #brain, and #colleagues in #international projects—to advance #earthquake #forecast-ing.

About me:
◦ PhD in #seismic #hazard/#risk & #induced #seismicity.
◦ Curious about all things related to #science/#research (from the human genome to climate change to distant neutron stars)
◦ Proponent of #OpenScience and #CitizenScience
◦ Contributing to various #BOINC projects

At people were talking about generating synthetic data from privacy-sensitive data.

In case of time series data (that is, data with correlations between data points) a nice option (especially for non-normal distributions) may be "surrogate data".

Climate change renders extreme weather events more likely, as reported in the IPCC report - though attribution of individual events are difficult.

@deutschewelle (🇬🇧) has a nice insight on this matter


What is the best social network for researchers and scientists to share publications, exchange experiences and discuss? Which platform has great experience and good outreach?

#ResearchGate #AcademiaEdu #GoogleScholar #Mendeley ...

#question #askfediverse #followerpower #ORCID #Zotero #research #SocialNetwork #academia

I guess small numbers are too common, so '11 is rather subtle, you really need to notice the tiny apostrophe to make sense of it.

But we are getting into numbers where we could do it again. This Toot was posted on 29th of August '22.


👋 Hi, I'm Doug and I live in the northeast of England. I'm a husband, father, and member of a co-operative I helped found in 2016.

I work at the intersection of learning, technology, and community. I've previously been an independent consultant, worked at Mozilla on #OpenBadges and #WebLiteracy, and in schools as a teacher and Higher Education as a researcher/analyst.

I wrote my doctoral thesis on #digitalliteracies.

When I'm not working, I like 🏔️🏕️⚽🥃

#2664 Cloud Swirls 

'Why did you get into fluid dynamics?' 'Well, SOME planet has to have the coolest clouds, odds are it's not ours, and rockets are slow.'

Carbon Offsets (Last Week Tonight)

John Oliver explains why I have never ever bought a carbon offset. When fake offsets "compensate" real CO2 emissions they make matters worse.

2) De-emphasize science in activism. I'm guilty of overplaying the role of the scientific research in my writing. If we are ever going to build a global mass movement for climate action, knowing all of the facts by heart must not be a prerequisite.

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Increasing the Relevance and Effectiveness of Residual Climate #RiskManagement in #German #DevelopmentCooperation
#DEval Policy Brief by Leppert et al. (2022)

To increase #relevance, #effectiveness and #RiskCoverage requires:
• Strategic development of the #residual #climate #risk portfolio
• Openness in choice & combination of instruments
• Considering target groups' needs, i.e. when designing #ClimateRiskInsurance

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #SocialRiskManagement

I'm a professional translator at the Institute for scientific and technical information of French CNRS. My interests are translation and multilingualism of scholarly communication in OS context, NLP (esp. NMT) as translation and writing assistive technologies, and linguistic and subject-oriented collaboration in producing scholarly content. Also curious ab't terminology extraction and phraseology checks through using concordancing. Looking forward to have fun sharing w/ this group

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