More fun publisher surveillance:
Elsevier embeds a hash in the PDF metadata that is *unique for each time a PDF is downloaded*, this is a diff between metadata from two of the same paper. Combined with access timestamps, they can uniquely identify the source of any shared PDFs.

The Open Risk Academy [1] is a #moodle instance with courses covering various topics in #riskmanagement, #finance, #datascience (usually #python) and more

All courses are open and free (email self-registration is required). Where relevant, code scripts are available on github [2] (repos named: Academy-Course-CourseID)

Ideas for new content and feedback are welcome




Further down the rabbit hole, other truths about the nature of the truth, like the Backfire Effect, may also turn out not to be true:

It may be that the internet does not divide us, that facts don’t make us dumber than we were before, and that debunking doesn’t really lead to further bunk.

In fact, it may be time that we gave up on the truth-y notion that we’re living in a post-truth age. In fact, it may be time that we debunked the whole idea.……
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Simon Evans (of Carbon Brief on 🐦):

"Wow – China just built more offshore wind capacity, in 2021 alone, than the rest of the world had managed in the last 5 years put together.

Its 26GW now accounts for half of the world's 54GW total.

Also, it added twice as much in 2021 as IEA had forecast in…December 2021"

To add: The International Energy Agency is notorious for downplaying future growth of renewable energy.

Question for the .

I would like to translate an old meteorological book as a test case together with @xldrkp to see how the tools, starting with , perform.

A terrible case 🤡: a German book with long citations in French and Italian, many, many footnotes, figures, tables. If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere.

The publisher kindly send me a scan of the book. So I need good Software. What is your favorite OCR Tool?

The has opened registration to review the first draft of the Synthesis Report of the Sixth Assessment Report.

Experts are welcome to register to review the draft, which closes on 13 March 2022.

Interested experts can register here

Do I know any mathematicians who use British Sign Language?
I'd like to put together an event with some training on basic BSL for maths, and maybe one or two talks about doing maths while Deaf/deaf.

I have a budget.

new blog post: My proposal to do a book about FOSS/ethical alternative social media:

NOTE! Replies to this post will appear as comments on my blog post (unless you switch to DM).

If Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones run in the Republican presidential primary:

4 people think Trump would win
1 voted for Tucker and
1 voted for Alex Jones.

As long as the US "news" and social media system does not change, people are frustrated by having nearly no political influence (because the donors have nearly all power), the candidate most willing to blame everything on the Democrats has the best cards.

I like making interesting predictions. So I go with Tucker or Jones.

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NASA-GISS director Gavin Schmidt on

"The scene where Dr. Mindy indulges in some righteous twittering when arguing with idiots is very real. ...

One thing that I thought was funny, but not real, was the implication that all science communicators are at all times just a moment away from screaming that “we’re all !” and it’s only the niceties of polite society that prevent us from telling everyone what we ‘really’ think."


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The Republican presidential primary is ramping up with regular concealed (?) attacks on Trump by Tucker Carlson and now an open war started by Alex Jones.

If all three run (and maybe more), who of them would get most primary delegates?

Review by Mark Boslough: Hollywood Finally Listened to Scientists

"Sadly, I’d never seen another movie with a scientist character that came close to the authenticity of Contact’s [Jodie Foster character Eleanor (“Ellie”) Arroway] again. Until now. Don’t Look Up nailed it. ...

It was obvious to me while watching the film that [Amy Mainzer] advice went far beyond astronomy and that she’d schooled the filmmakers on how scientists think and what words they use."

Looks like I'm going to Münich for my next post-doc. If anyone has any Germany-related tips, lmk!

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Record snowfall and heavy rains lash west coast from Oregon to southern California

The German national TV news (Tagesschau) mentioned that the Central Sierra Nevada Snow Lab had a power failure. 🤡

This kind of problems makes observations of extremes more uncertain than normal weather conditions. Add to that that they are rare, this makes seeing changes in extremes really hard.

* They likely have people there who can make manual measurements to fill the gap.

Debacle with #log4j #security vulnerabilities led to new awareness by many corps and institutions that are exploiting #opensource / #freesoftware that these projects actually need their help and support. #Funding and #donations but also contributions to code, filing bug reports, do security audits.

#FOSS has eaten the world. And that's thanks to countless volunteers' tireless work. Let's all show our gratitude in #2022 and onwards.

Great article by @VictorVenema


Ich hatte Euch ja für Weihnachten noch eine Lieferung #eBooks in Aussicht gestellt. Sie ging gerade online. Sind zwar nur 8 weitere Bücher – aber alle 4 Teile von Sir Isaac Newton's "Mathematische Principien der Naturlehre" sind dabei (und ich hoffe, sie werden als nützlich empfunden – habe selten so viel Zeit in einzelne eBooks gesteckt wie in diese 😄).

Wie immer also viel Spaß beim Stöbern & Schmökern – Account-frei & ohne Tracking!

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