#Introduction Hi! I'm an economist from Colombia (Uniandes). I love behavioral science in particular. However, I enjoy studying maths a lot.

Things I know: behavioral economics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, basic structural maths (sets theory, equivalence classes, partitions, etc)

Things I study: Galois! Almost got to modern criptography. I would like to learn about geometry and topology.

Things I love: jazz! neuroscience, I'm also developer, art history.

Feel free to write!

Update day 2021

As is now traditional, every year around this time we update the model-observation comparison page with an additional annual observational point, and upgrade any observational products to their latest versions. A couple of notable issues this year. HadCRUT has now been updated to version 5 which includes polar infilling, making the Cowtan and Way dataset […]

🌊 Rescuing tide gauge data from around the #UK to study #climate #change and sea level rise

Data is essential for a better understanding of how, why and where the climate is changing. This project starts to digitize historical handwritten records of sea water levels in the UK.

Join today:

#science #openscience #CitizenScience #opendata #climatechange #climatecrisis

Hi all,

I'm an #foss research engineer, happy to see this community on mastodon

I work with #python and #jupyter

Science Discussion Series: Preprints, rushed peer review, duplicated efforts, and conflicts of interest led to confusion and misinformation regarding COVID-19. We're experts who analyzed COVID-19 research - let's discuss.

While everyone is talking about Trump being kicked off twitter, the Sci-Hub twitter account has been kicked offline

Hello everyone, I’m a librarian from South America. Hope to learn and contribute about privacy, wellbeing and good use of technology in life.

I am Victor Venema. I was born in , The Netherlands, and studied physics there. My PhD was about measuring cloud structure. I currently work on the of climate station data in , Germany, and on @GrassrootsReview.

I am also one of the admins of . We would like to create a friendly place to talk about science, but feel free to talk about anything. Please notify Frank Sonntag @admin or me early of unfriendly behaviour.

Adding in your bio also does not help, nor adding them as "Featured hashtags".

At least using the web interface the search ignores the bios and Featured hashtags. 😐

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Someone was happy to see I am a climate scientist. So I thought I'd make a list of climate scientists, but the lists you make on Mastodon are just for yourself, right?

Can anyone see my new list "Fedi Climate Scientists"?

Any other solutions? Trunk has a category "science", we could ask them to add a subcategory "climate science". But even the "science" is rather small.

Add to our bios? I guess that scales best & works for all sciences.

@r3s Traditional statistical methods also provide an uncertainty. Would it be possible for Artificial Neural Networks to notice the input is outside the training set or even compute an uncertainty?

"Market power monopoly" + "author monopoly" = "scientific publishing"

The publisher Elsevier makes 30 to 50% profits year after year.

The market power of the scientific publishers stems from the influence on scientific careers. So I am building a system to independently determine what are good scientific articles. It will not give me the monopoly profits, but better science. @GrassrootsReview

Are there ways communities could break other monopolies? "We have people."

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So if we use the hashtag for questions on Channel Two of , the conference of the Chaos Computer Club, how do we know it reaches the moderators? Mastodon is not a central system.

The fireside chat of @pluralistic coming up. The Mastodon-famous Anti-Monopoly warrior.

This video essay by is fascinating:


It pits two well established theories in different domains, viz. evolutionary biology and economics against each other. There are also some echoes of its impact in today's thinking: including hands-off governing style advocated by libertarianism, scapegoating climate change on population in the third-world to name a few -- which are flawed arguments.

An ever more perfect dataset?

Do you remember when global warming was small enough for people to care about the details of how climate scientists put together records of global temperature history? Seems like a long time ago… Nonetheless, it’s worth a quick post to discuss the latest updates in HadCRUT (the data product put together by the UK’s Hadley […]

Hi, everyone! I'm a PhD student in bioengineering, and I love designing and building hardware+software tools. For my thesis, I'm studying challenges and strategies for open-source medical devices for global health equity: how might platforms and communities be built to support cooperative production of medical devices appropriate for local contexts, all the way from invention to implementation?

Call for contributions for , a loosely-structured conference for people working at the intersection of libraries/archives/museums/cultural heritage and technology.

Also, applications are now open to join Cohort 3, running from February to May 2021! If you want mentoring and support to become an ambassador and leader for Open Science (yes, potentially including social science, humanities and arts!), you should definitely apply.

It's a 16-week programme based on the Mozilla Open Leader programme based on 3 principles: Sharing; Connecting; Empowering.

Programme info: openlifesci.org/ols-3
Application link: easychair.org/conferences/?con

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