We put much energy into creating interesting information feeds. Could we also jointly build something of lasting value?

Could we bookmark Toots together and put them into categories to create collections of quality information?

Such Toot collections will mostly link to resources and thus attract spammers. So we would have to do that as person or group of friends.

But above the collections we could write texts with everyone, just like Wikipedia does.

More detail:

I had not realized is also live streaming on YouTube. youtube.com/channel/UCh4SPzHAl

In 8 minutes a talk by the Confederation of Open Access Repositories on using to connect manuscript repositories with peer review systems and journals. "

"Notify - The Repository and Services Interoperability Project"

The will exchange peer review status (not yet peer review reports). See also:

A few places left on this Ally Skills Workshop this Friday 11 June run by some friends. It's a full afternoon UK/Western Europe time.

From the organiser: "Being an ally is a learned skill that everyone can practice by self-education and structured training. An Ally Skills Workshop allows its participants to understand various concepts, explore social scenarios and practice simple everyday techniques they can use to make their workplace and communities more inclusive."


@VictorVenema @ashwinvis ICYMI, I've created a mastodon bot publishing info about new ao-phys pre-prints from arXiv. I hope you find it useful.


I propose 3 laws that will solve all issues we all have with corporations

A corporation may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

A corporation must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

A corporation must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Dear administrators,

Potholer54, my favorite scientific skeptic YouTube channel made a video debunking some dumb anti-vax claim. YouTube took him down. The AI apparently thought the video itself was anti-vax. I have seen the video and it is clearly a wrong decision. youtube.com/watch?v=T-A_OPWa5V

I would love to offer Potholer54 a safe home on the Fediverse. A good part of his loyal fan base may follow. Do you know of a good PeerTube server for scientific skeptics in English?

@bhaugen @codeberg I use Codeberg for my scientific code. Science is global and GitHub blocks several countries due to US trade sanctions.

Enlightening scientific article: The varying openness of digital open science tools f1000research.com/articles/9-1

Collusion Rings Threaten the Integrity of Computer Science Research cacm.acm.org/magazines/2021/6/

In computer science conference papers are like journal papers in most natural sciences; conferences are highly selective. (In the Earth Sciences basically everyone gets to present their work.)

Conference participants are also peer reviewers & can "bid" on paper that fit their profile. This is abused by groups bidding on each other's papers & giving a glowing review.

h/t @djoerd idf.social/@djoerd/10633483497

@FediFollows helps with finding interesting accounts. This link is for interesting science accounts.

I wanted to share it for the way the link works alone. This way you can select all Toots from an account with a certain hashtag. .

2nd Climate Observation Conference eventsforce.net/eumetsat/front

"The Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), with the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), and supported by European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) will be holding a conference that aims to assess how well the current global climate observing system supports current and near-term user needs for climate information."

Vaccines: A Measured Response youtube.com/watch?v=8BIcAZxFfr

I knew the MMR-vaccine study that started the anti-vax movement was fraudulent, but I had not realized it was such a shit show. Really, I lack the imagination to come up with ideas how one could make it worse.

There is stiff competition, but is this the best H. Bomber video ever? People are asking.

26-5-2021: The Dutch court just ordered Royal Dutch Shell to reduce their net CO2e-emissions by 45% before the end of 2030.

The reference year is 2019, where they emitted ~70 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent (chart 1, reports.shell.com/sustainabili).

This means Shell will have to reduce their emissions to ~31,5 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent before 2030 (chart 2).

Court ruling in English:

Webpage 'milieudefensie' (English): en.milieudefensie.nl/climate-c


The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Congress (CMOS 2021) is pleased to offer a free public lecture by Dr. Gavin Schmidt.

Gavin is the Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and one of my favorite scientists talking about climate change. Highly knowledgeable on climate modelling and statistics.

A webinar link will be available at the following web address: cmos.ca/site/congress/publicle


A new 623-kilometer (387-mile) cable connects Norwegian hydropower with German wind power. Such Direct Current cables are a relatively cheap way to deal with variations in supply and demand.

"NordLink is one of the world's longest subsea cables. It connects the energy grids of Norway and Germany, with a test run already completed successfully. It will provide some 3.6 million households with green power."

There is now an editable list with academic Fediverse accounts and servers.

• University accounts
• University instance
• Student groups
• Academic Instances

The list was created by @gerald_leppert and @favstarmafia, amongst others based on the FediScience server list.

Which is based on the longer list of Fediverse.Party.


Before Wikipedia was created there were seven attempts to create English-language online collaborative encyclopedia projects. Why did Wikipedia win?

1 Wikipedia modelled a familiar product (encyclopedia).

2 Low barriers to contribution.

3 It deemphasized attribution and social ownership of content.

4 Focused on content, not on technology.

These rules may also apply to collaborative efforts from the #Fediverse to #FOSS & @TranslateScience to @GrassrootsReview 1/2

1) Familiar product

We have many dreams what we could do with ActivityPub, but maybe rebuilding existing social media sites better is not a bad start.

2) Low barriers to contribution.

Server selection should be easier. Make servers for existing groups? Like the Discord servers of Twitch channels?

3) It deemphasized attribution and social ownership of content.

May generalize to other projects less.

4) Focused on content.

We have many apps. Focus more on inviting people? @Invite2Fedi 2/2

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There was a due to a fire in this night. Reactionary elements on Twitter blame this on the .

1. The Greens have not been in power for a long time.
2. Germany now has 50% solar and wind power and the reliability of the grid has only improved. [1]
3. Trump supporters often use blackouts to scare people about the wind and sun. I then point to Germany: We had 12 minutes of blackouts; the US had 8 hours per year [2]

[1] bundesnetzagentur.de/DE/Sachge
[2] cleanenergywire.org/news/12-mi

A position paper of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG; German Research Foundation) expresses concern about the practice of data tracking in .


Personal remark: Data tracking is a common tool in personalised marketing, and comprises risks to promote "unconciuos bias" in science in particular.

I would be delighted to hear a statement from non-profit publishers on the matter, such as professional associations with publishing activity.

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