Some tips for the newbies.

If you click on someone's name you go to their profile. But here you often only see a few toots (as tweets are called around here). If you click on the icon, you go to their local instance where you can see more toots.

If you want to follow someone while you are at their instance, you need to login, which can be cumbersome if you do this by hand. You can also copy the URL of the profile & paste it in our search bar. Then it will appear below & is easy to follow.

The default one-column interface looks a lot like Twitter. There is also an advanced interface that look more like Tweetdeck and makes better use of the full screen.

It has four columns:
1) compose toot
2) your time line
3) notifications
4) profiles, local or federated time line

You can change the interface in the preferences | settings | appearance by crossing "Enable advanced web interface".

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