📈 The new social web has reached its next milestone: For the first time, the #Fediverse has over 4,000,000 users! 📈

Today, the counter at the-federation.info/ shows 4,003,742 users in the Fediverse, out of which 2,761,886 users are on #Mastodon, 762,367 on #diaspora, and 249,904 on #Prosody. Fast growing projects are #Peertube (69,954) that more than tripled and #Pixelfed (25,206) that almost doubled the number of users in the last year.

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Indeed, this is also what I noticed. There are many accounts that appear, but never follow anyone and never post anything.

There are also quite some accounts that edit their profile, start tooting and stop just a few days after the first post.

Yes, it is more important to understand, why people are never active or quickly become inactive.

I just wonder whether there should be some nice (automatic) welcome toots to new users giving examples how Mastodon/Fediverse works.


@gerald_leppert Just send an email to our user who is inactive longest to ask why. 😎

That's a good idea. As instance maintainer you also have the email addresses of users.

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