@VictorVenema @trunk Please remove this account from Science

It might be an idea to have a category Germany. Trunk has several other regions and Germany should be big enough.

@OpenScienceFeed Unfortunately, I want to use Trunk to connect people with people. A feed such as this one does not qualify, I think – just as we don't list other newsbots and the like. Even our Organisations list would not be good fit, I think.
@VictorVenema @VictorVenema

@trunk Yes, this is a feed.

I personally would not mind changing that policy. New people are looking for interesting accounts, not necessarily only people.

Especially when already reduce people to one or a few categories, also feeds would fit in my view. And it is not like Mastodon is overrun with feeds, at least the part I see.

@OpenScienceFeed Well, it's hard to see them because no algorithm promotes them and many admins don't want them on their sites.
botsin.space/public or #news might be an uncurated starting point.

Anyway, if you build a cool list of feeds, I'll link to it. Feel free to use communitywiki itself, e.g. a page like communitywiki.org/wiki/Mastodo (or whatever seems fit).

@VictorVenema Done.
Are you going to write about Germany in English and will you be on the list? Sadly, this Trunk instance is just for people writing mainly in English. If you will volunteer for the list, I'll create it. Your toots about Germany seem to be mostly in German, though. What we would need is a Trunk instance for German speaking people.

@trunk Okay, then the category Germany would not fit to me. When I write about German stuff I tend to do so in German.

So we would have to build Trunks for every language, like we also have Wikipedias for every language.

Yes, I still do WordPress and I mainly write about that on this account in English.

@VictorVenema Yeah, I think we need a separation, like Wikipedias have it. Like, I can't be the admin a project where the people don't speak a language I don't understand. And if I'm interested in a Topic X I'm still not interested in following the people writing about X in a language I don't understand.

@trunk Except for English native speakers people tend to be multi-lingual. So one system for all languages would be easier than 1000 systems, with people having to check multiple systems to find interesting accounts. And many of these systems being small as long as Mastodon is small.

But yes, you would need moderators that master the offered languages and would need some software updates, such as filters for languages.

Would be happy to help with Dutch and German if you ever update the system.

@VictorVenema I would love for somebody else to host Dutch and German Trunk-like systems. They can use Trunk if they want to, and I'd be happy to help if there are setup questions, but just setting up a wiki would work just as well, as far as I am concerned.

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