We made a list with Mastodon servers in the realm of science and academia.

Some time ago I wrote to (almost) all admins of these instances whether we could do something to promote more university servers, but did not get much response. One idea was that it may be easier to start at the department level. Using it for homework is a way to ensure people use it.

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Many of these servers are maintained as private initiatives.

It would be much better when universities would host them and give employees and students a Mastodon account like they give everyone a mail account.

But that is also harder to pull off.

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I asked my peers at #Poul why didn't have one. They answered me that a reason may be that it is difficoult to ban people from dirtying istitutional accounts.
It's reassuring to know that many of those servers are (laudable) private initiatives @gerald_leppert @unihohenheim @unijena @utwente @Tuan @maxj @dukhovni @staff @astatu

Moderation decisions are hard and people not willing to take responsibility is one of the plagues of humanity. The moderation should also not be done by the computation center; they should just set up the server.

Would moderation be a good for the library? They are the experts in curation and applying rules about the messy world outside neutrally. 1/

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Once a server becomes important for university communications, having a random third person hosting it no longer sounds that desirable.

If a problem is people inside trashing the reputation of the institution (which they are allowed to do in the scientific literature), then we would need an additional moderation option of being able to block some people's posts from going outside. 2/2

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