My colleagues at ASAPbio are looking for a system to be used on servers that respects privacy.

They currently use Disqus and would prefer not to have to code it themselves. Do we have something to offer?

@VictorVenema I'm not sure if it's answering your question, but it made me think of

@drb Looks nice. Thanks.

Isn't using Matrix a bit of over-engineering for *public* comments?

@VictorVenema @drb I've used commento in the past. It is Go based:

Another option that I've also used is isso. Python based but not so easy to manage IMHO:

@VictorVenema perhaps, though they'd have the benefit of being able to deploy their own server. In terms of respecting privacy.

Someone suggested (and implemented) Mastodon as comment function.

Couldn't find the toot. It might have been @kubikpixel who postet it.

Oh. Than it wasn't you. Sorry.

But thanks for the link.
It's almost the thing I was looking for. 👍

@M That is beautiful. For a preprint server where most users will not have a Mastodon account, it may be a too big hurdle to require people to make a Mastodon account (on another server and thus find a server). You want people to comment, not discourage them. @kubikpixel

Thats right.
However, most comment functions require some sign-in anyway. So I think thats not tooooo far away.

But your're right: easy (to use) solutions, will help that people will use it.

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