Our friend @tfardet made a good suggestion to make more accessible.

It is easy to forget putting a description on an image, gif or video. So we added some markup code (CSS) to our homepage/instance that puts a red border around images without description.

This border will only be visible to people on the FediScience homepage, not on apps and not on other instances.

Admins wanting to do the same can find example CSS code here:

Admins de Mastodon, esto puede ser interesante para la accesibilidad de los usuarios de vuestras instancias:

cc @fanta @admin @spla

@pybonacci lo he probado y funciona perfectamente! gracias @fanta @admin

@VictorVenema @tfardet

This could be interesting as a PR to Mastodon. Including an option for the admin to opt-in to this option for their instance.

@pybonacci Yes, I had assumed people had tried Pull Requests and failed and thus came up with this solution. But maybe I was jumping to conclusions.

I did just open an issue to make it possible that only the poster sees the red border and no one else. It is intended as friendly feedback, not as publish shaming.

For now we solved that by making the border relatively subtle, but a bright red would give a clearer feedback.

@VictorVenema @pybonacci @tfardet

FYI this topic also came up before, where I cc'ed @weex as this is interesting to project that aims to accelerate development of the fediverse.

See introduction at:

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