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Hello! I'm Matt, a geologist who works on subsurface characterization for #CO2 storage projects. My work address is in #GrandForks, #NorthDakota, USA, but I live across the river.

I plan to toot research from my group and other things related to #CO2storage characterization, but I will CW things that are directly #climatechange related.

I have a lot of other interests, and will add on to this toot as they come up.

#geology #reservoirengineering

@mburtonkelly Welcome Matt. I work on estimating climate trends from station data. I see no need here to CW posts about climate change, not many easily triggered climate change deniers here.

@VictorVenema it's primarily as a courtesy to folks who may not have the spoons to read about it at the time. They can keep scrolling and not be bothered.


@mburtonkelly I sometimes adds such CWs for threads or conferences.

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