Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

"Shifting responsibility from the largest carbon emitters to the average person, YOU, is easier to do than solving the problems. ...

We have just witnessed a global experiment in staying at home, not using transport and consuming less during the Corona virus pandemic and all it did was reduce CO2 emissions by 7% in 2020. ...

The concept of your carbon footprint was popularized by the oil producer BP in a 2005 ad campaign."

@person That is what the fossil fuel companies would like people to think to reduce resistance, but that is not in the iPCC report.

We should do more. A recent UN report estimated we need to do 3 times more to stay below the 2°C limit. That is doable, especially now that cheap renewables makes this easier and have broken the political power of the fossil fuel companies.

The main remaining enemy are Fascist who like see more dead poor people. They are a minority.

@VictorVenema truth is that, as ugly as it is, no other option than cutting by half world population can do something significant in a short timeframe

@damko Maybe that is your preferred political solution, but the claim that that is the only solution is not science.

Cutting the population in half takes a long time. We do not have that much time. If you want to do it fast, I care about climate because I care about people and I would rather have 2.7°C of warming.

To stop climate change we have to get emission to zero. Zero times any population size is zero.

Somehow no one talks about, but it looks like the global population will stabilize.

@VictorVenema It's not my preferred political solution and I never said so.

Honestly after documenting myself on alternatives in the context of our system I know that it's going to be faster and much easier (not to mention how much cheaper) to cut down population rather than make the required changes.

I really hope to be wrong but that's my conclusion which you can reject of course but I truly believe that the cut will be operated by us or Nature or both. No other chance.

@damko The Project Drawdown studied a wide range of solutions for climate change. Education of girls and access to family planning are in the list because they reduce population size.

But there are many more.

My impression is that my more knowledgeable colleagues see this as a scientifically valuable source of information on solutions.

I have very mixed feelings about this video, would be curious to have your opinion.
On the one hand it's good to acknowledge the limits of personal responsibility.
However, I and more "naive" people I showed it to feel that subjects with vastly different impacts are routinely mentioned like they have similar importance.
I think such videos should clearly emphasize where the main stakes are.
I also disliked the worse than caricatural view on degrowth.

@tfardet I did not like the comparisons with the contribution of air traffic. This felt like a bit of a rhetorical trick as this contribution is small (while many people talk about it, suggesting that it is large).

But this did not invalidate the arguments being made using this trick. The arguments by themselves were valid. That is why I chose to ignore that. Plus the personal choices memes are getting out of control. Just go vegan and climate change is almost solved, according to misinformers.

@VictorVenema OK ^^ I guess I'm lucky enough not to be too exposed to (personal choice) memes.
As for vegans... well, diet is one of the few issues where personal actions do make a large difference and it is a major issue in my opinion, but it sure won't solve climate change...
However, focusing on GHG only when talking about agriculture does not make much sense anyways.
At this stage, I'm just happy people are reducing their meat consumption, even if it's for wrong/poor reasons.

Let's say it again, degrowth is about rich people worldwide and upper middle class in rich countries reducing their lifestyle, not about preventing developing countries from achieving basic human needs (see doughnut economics).
There was also no mention of international funds to help such development happen without fossil resources.
Overall, I felt the video was rather lacking on actual climate policy and stakes (e.g. what policies should you look for in political parties).

@tfardet How to solve climate change was not the topic of the video.

If degrowth does not mean degrowth (reducing the size of the global economy) maybe people should use a different term.

Degrowth is a much too big topic for a social media conversation. But I feel we should simply solve problems, if that allows for growth, wonderful, if not also fine and then let's make sure we take the money from the rich who do not need it and not from the poor who would be hurting.

@VictorVenema degrowth is too big for mastodon posts, but it has a history and a literature, even some consensus among people who've thought and written about it.
The part I know is predominantly from Western thinkers and thus takles the reduction of Western consumption. I don't think keeping that context in mind is really that difficult though ;)

@VictorVenema and the reason people think it's important is because overconsumption in rich countries is a major part of our environmental problems (and of the 63% of the emissions in the red countries that were shown in the video...)
So this is "solving problems" ;)

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