Many scientific articles are currently published in subscription journals and locked behind paywalls. This model impedes research and diverts public funding to parasitic publishers, while relying almost entirely on the unpaid work of researchers.

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Have a look at the curated #OpenScience list, that was recently extensively updated by @VictorVenema

Making a call to all #Fediverse to suggest more great open #science and #OpenData resources, so we can make the list more #delightful and help promote the field even further.

Add your issue or PR to the repository at:

The delightful list is also available as web page via @yarmo delightful club:

Sharing appreciated 🙏


@humanetech I had a blog post posted there once. It was only up for somethig like half an hour (are there moderators that delete posts? It was on topic, iirc.), but it produced more pageviews than a normal month.

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HN is deceptively simple but has a lot of moderation code under the hoods. Mostly a single moderator (@ dang) is visibly active.

You can read more here:

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