facebook mention, conspiracy theories 

Earnest question seeking honest answers:

Are there conspiracy theories floating about among Mastodon instances? And if so, are they doing to the degree that they clearly are on Facebook?

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facebook mention, conspiracy theories 

@robertwgehl We have blocked several far-right instances where such conspiracy notions are common. That is common on this side of the cordon sanitaire.

And I have seen a PeerTube instance filled to the brim with Corona conspiracies.

People can post nonsense, all we can do is limit the damage it does to society by not helping spreading it. Facebook does the opposite because dangerous nonsense creates engagement and ad views.

facebook mention, conspiracy theories 

@VictorVenema @robertwgehl

yeah, the middle option is closest to my view, except I'm not in a position to say it's "miniscule". It works very differently. Any is bad, and too much. How much is hard to say with filtering & blocking and separate domains.

facebook mention, conspiracy theories 

@deejoe For me it is minuscule.

Someone else could be drowning in misinformation. Maybe even worse than Facebook because it is not mixed with messages of normal family members.

So I did not know what to answer. It depends. @robertwgehl

facebook mention, conspiracy theories 

@VictorVenema @deejoe @robertwgehl

I wouldn't class it as "miniscule", but neither as bad as Facebook, although the "rugged individualism" found on some parts of the tech subcultures means some folk do still try and spread them (most of these conspiracies seem to stem from pure anger that the Covid 19 response has given a lot of power to various governments/authorities worldwide, and build on existing anger/mistrust against government systems)

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