Wonderful chart by Abbie Richards, mis- and disinformation researcher with focus on and theories. Have saved it to disc.

I never knew that Greta Thunberg is a time traveler.

@VictorVenema why is Iran Contra not considered grounded in reality?

@thufie She answers this question in the threat. You move from one to the other. It is not intended to claim that only claims more harmless than the lowest category are grounded in reality.

There are questions about Iran Contra.

I am more surprised why flat and hollow Earth are so high up. They are dumb, but I thought mostly harmless.

@VictorVenema putting it alongside UFOs just because some people are skeptical of specifically Reagan's involvement in Iran Contra seems poorly thought out


@thufie Which of the five categories would you put these two items in?

@thufie That is also a good solution. Although I do have questions. Maybe Abbie, as an expert, even more.

Unfortunately Democrats are excessively reluctant to investigate Republican crimes.

@VictorVenema a worrying pattern in American history, that one.

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