Ed Hawkins, climate prof from Exeter on 🐦 :
"Central England has daily mean temperature observations every day going back to 1772.

Before the latest heatwave, the hottest daily average ever recorded was 25.2°C.

This heatwave obliterated that record, provisionally reaching 28.1°C."

@VictorVenema As much as I intellectually understand the issue here, my emotional response is "28 lol" as I melt in 40-something degrees.

I know it's dumb, no need to tell me.

@jens @VictorVenema Had the same initial reaction, but note that we're talking about daily average, not maximum.

@Matumio @VictorVenema I know. But having lived in England, it also fits the picture. That place is not used to extreme temperatures in the same way other European countries are.

@Matumio @jens
It is kinda weird that when people say: it will be x degrees tomorrow, dress appropriately, they mean the maximum temperature, not the mean temperature.

That may make it feel paradoxical to talk about the mean temperature of a day.

Especially when it comes to heat waves this could be counter-productive. A large part of the mortality in heat waves is because people cannot sleep multiple nights. So it is more related to the minimum temperature than the maximum temperature.

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