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Hey everyone! I juggle roles being a Postdoc at MISU (Stockholm University), research software developer, blogger and a person. Scientifically, I am trained in , fresh out of PhD a few months ago. I study geophysical flows and turbulence.

I also maintain a:
- Personal alt: @ashwinvis
- Website:

So the other night I found this earwig and its pals snacking on flower buds… 🐦

💻🐍 Introduction and call for contributors

Did you know? There is a new kid on the block and its name is "inteq".

@mwt has created an #opensource #python package for solving Volterra and Fredholm integral equations. Originally developed for #economics, you will surely find many applications for this project. #science #mathematics

🌟 But now it's your time to shine. @mwt is looking for contributors who know numerical analysis or best practices for python projects.


The data is in: carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit 419 parts per million in May. The levels have now reached the dangerous milestone of being 50% higher than when the industrial age began – and the average rate of increase is faster than ever.

#GlobalWarming #CO2

@VictorVenema @ashwinvis ICYMI, I've created a mastodon bot publishing info about new ao-phys pre-prints from arXiv. I hope you find it useful.

There's a point where historical scientific research requires extra grains of salt simply because scientists knew so much less about the natural world than we do today.

Where is that point in history for you?

Pick the range the year/decade you use is in.

I signed up to for a instructor training workshop. Yay (excited and nervous)!!

There are several events open this fall. Check out the training calendar here:

My department (U of Glasgow Computing Science) is offering up to 8 studentships to support #PhD research starting by January 2022. Info session for potential applicants will take place online on Wed 9 June at 12 noon

If you like to do a #PhD with me, on type-driven systems security, low carbon computing or #compilers for FPGAs and other heterogeneous systems, please talk to me.

Boosts appreciated.

trapping and releasing animals for science, but some animals more willing than expected 


The longer you keep your phone the more lightly it would have tread the earth, so think twice when you want to buy a new phone. Do you really need a new phone? The truth is, the most #sustainable phone is the one you already own – so make it last. 🌍 📱


Fedilab issue? 

If I try to browse other profiles using or its Lite version on I get a warning "No value for note" and the follow button is missing. Anyone else experience this?

cc: @VictorVenema @FrankSonntag

Do you like science?

I mean REALLY like it?

Do you want to NERD THE HELL OUT?

My lab is putting on a week-long "summer school" about biochemical pathway modeling. Usually you'd have to fly here, but thanks to the plague, you can just sign up online and hear talks on biodesign, proteomics, metabolomics, domain-specific data science, and metabolic modeling.

Here's the schedule:

Registration and other information also at that link!

Tasked to Fight Climate Change, a Secretive U.N. Agency Does the Opposite

Spoiler: it is the International Maritime Organization.

"Shipbuilders, oil companies, miners, chemical manufacturers and others with huge financial stakes in commercial shipping are among the delegates appointed by many member nations. They sometimes even speak on behalf of governments"

Huh. It worked. 🙂

"The team behind NASA’s InSight Mars lander has come up with an innovative way to boost the spacecraft’s energy at a time when its power levels have been falling. The lander’s robotic arm trickled sand near one solar panel, helping the wind to carry off some of the panel’s dust. The result was a gain of about 30 watt-hours of energy per sol, or Martian day."

#Mars #InSight #Power

Breathing planet 

Here's the leaf area index for 2016. See

for more details but basically
- pink means 0 square meters of leaves per square meter of land,
- brown means 1,
- bright green means 2,
- and so on till the darkest green means 7 m² of leaves per m² of land.

Somehow they can tell there's like five square meters of leaves—some satellite #NASA Mark Watney botanist magic no doubt.

This is a bit different than NDVI above, which is a measure of carbon update.

There is now an editable list with academic Fediverse accounts and servers.

• University accounts
• University instance
• Student groups
• Academic Instances

The list was created by @gerald_leppert and @favstarmafia, amongst others based on the FediScience server list.

Which is based on the longer list of Fediverse.Party.

Which brings me to switching costs. The thing that make natural monopolies out of digital goods and services are high switching costs, including the collective action problem of convincing everyone to quit Facebook or start using a different word-processor.

These switching costs aren't naturally occurring: they are deliberately introduced by dominant firms that want to keep their users locked in.


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