Oh yay, the 2022 Ig Nobel Prize Winners have been announced!

Scorpions constipation!

The most efficient way for people to use their fingers when turning a knob!

One team wins their second!

Also a guy who studies ducks named Frank Fish!


#2662 Physics Safety Tip 

In general, avoid exposure to any temperatures, pressures, particle energies, or states of matter that physicists think are neat.

Thinking about how the Earth is an oblate spheroid with a bunch of stuff sloshing around on the surface and also a bunch of stuff sloshing around under the surface, and even the solid parts of it are moving around a bunch because they’re generally floating around on liquid in some way or another.

"Free access to scientific literature and its influence on the publishing activity in developing countries: The effect of Sci-Hub in the field of mathematics"


A key part of science is admitting our ignorance.

When we describe a situation using probabilities, we shouldn't pretend we know more than we really do. The principle of maximum entropy is a way to make this precise.

Let's see how it works!


I can agree with the argument that the executive should not asborb the powers of congress... but this take is so bad it's painful.

"Heat isn't a problem in the U.S. is because we have air conditioning." What about crop failure? What about massive #wildfires? What about #lakemead drying up?



Although the focus of the paper is on , and the simulation of viscous fluids, the key finding is of more general interest: the numerical stability of can be improved by rewriting the standard formulation en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biconjug to avoid catastrophic cancellations in the computation of some important coefficients. Anyone interested in solving large linear systems would benefit from adopting the proposed alternative form of the method.

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Grumbling about "lunch" seminars 

A law abolishing the use of the term "lunch seminars" to describe events at work that are online-only events

If you're not literally providing real-world food that I can munch while you talk, it is not a lunch seminar, it's a "now you have to skip lunch" seminar

"Lunch" 👏 means 👏 LUNCH

Game: Super Planet Crash

Game Credit & License: Stefano Meschiari (U. Texas at Austin) & the SAVE/Point Team

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap220619.ht #APOD

Fascinating videos for the day

: time crystals created in quantum computers.
>Sounds a bit a like resonance in classical physics to me, but it is definitely not the same.


: super massive black holes.
>We don't know their origin story yet


: Google's lamda
> Large language models are not sentient, yet. It is just marketing.


thoughts on independent scholarship 

I'm realizing that being outside of academia and researching and writing because I love it is probably a more sustainable choice for me as a scholar than being inside academia and doing those things.

For me, when my creative work is a necessity for a job it becomes more stressful and less joyful.

Been thinking about what it means for me to do scholarly work outside of academia, and I think it's making a lot of my work better quality. I feel freer?

I am rage.

I was confused why my little app that eats data from the Daily Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCNd), with its hundreds of thousands of global daily weather recording stations, couldn't tell me anything about #Taiwan.

Well. The network contains no weather stations in Taiwan.

I've emailed #NOAA asking wtf. Afraid that the data from some supranational agency that refuses to recognize Taiwan. Anyone know? ncei.noaa.gov/products/land-ba

Come join my team! A fully funded Research Associate position for 30 months at the University of Glasgow, UK, pay scale £36,382 - £40,927.

Work with on Morello-HAT: Develop high-level APIs in Rust, Go and Dart for , Arm's -based hardware capability platform, funded by


Has the ‘great resignation’ hit academia? "exits threaten progress on diversity, equity and inclusivity ... The overwhelming narrative is that people are happier once they leave academia."

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