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Hey everyone! I juggle roles being a Postdoc at MISU (Stockholm University), research software developer, blogger and a person. Scientifically, I am trained in , fresh out of PhD a few months ago. I study geophysical flows and turbulence.

I also maintain a:
- Personal alt: @ashwinvis
- Website:

Picked out the best shots of the #PointVicente bluffs. I got there mid-afternoon & took some photos of the #cove with the historic #lighthouse (and could actually see Catalina Island in the distance!)

Then I walked along the blufftop path along the nature reserve for a while, before turning back to reach the lighthouse area by sunset.

#photo #ocean #california #PalosVerdes #coast

the "unconditional samples" from the latest Tacotron paper (neural network model for text-to-speech) are kind of amazing prowza sin mendida same poididda thupra rebyoo. pup bindia brida sell 'em sick a laie. gerring zoo zerset luh lee urvsins persons to the clayvick

Woah! 😃

"Less than a day after its Chang'e 5 probe made a soft landing on the Moon, the China National Space Administration has released both a short video showing the spacecraft's descent to the surface as well as a high-definition image of the lunar landscape."

#Moon #China #ChangE5 #Space #Exploration

I should set it up as "motd" service / CLI tool in the terminal first.

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make a / a few mastodon bot/s which makes TLDR summaries from a Zotero library group. Should be easy to implement using and PyZotero.

I wonder if people self-host bots or set it up on something like Heroku / PythonAnywhere. Hints welcome.

> Both "An Album of Fluid Motion" and "Perturbation Methods in Fluid Mechanics" are now out of print.

The first one is a classic book. It is now free to download and restricted reuse under fair-use laws from here:

If in your machine is too old, what do you do? Boosts appreciated.

Long Story
I usually work with and then it is not a problem. But now I am on @elementary 5.1.x and the nodejs from the package manager is 8. I need at least version 10 or above to install jupyterlab. I have no clue what is the right approach...

The European court of human rights has ordered 33 European governments to respond to a landmark climate lawsuit lodged by six youth campaigners.


Open Space Vids is a channel full of public domain videos related to space. You can follow at:

➡️ @openspacevids

The videos feature a mixture of historical and current topics.

You can see the complete set of videos at

#OpenSpaceVids #Space #Science #Technology #Videos #NASA #PeerTube

Recently seen by a colleague as a True/False question in homework, I'd be interested in your answers. Please respond to the poll, express opinions in replies, and boost for reach.

A line is parallel to itself:


Researchers left 17,000 wallets on the streets of 355 cities, some empty, some with money. Contrary to the predictions of economists, people everywhere were more likely to return wallets with money in them. But rates did vary from country to country.


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