I just stumbled on this and it looks amazing: decentralized endorsement of publications!

Anyone tried it or knows of it?


@tfardet Looks like an applause button with some integration with ORCID. For example like:


Which may not necessarily indicate the value of the paper. Also, looks like it is neither decentralized nor open-source. Anyways, I am unsure how such applications can be decentralized

on the other hand is a step in the right direction, because it would include citations + "mentions" of publication across the web. See for example:


@tfardet Another useful tool is:


Because they would parse the context of many citations as "excerpts" for you and makes literature review easier.

@ashwinvis @tfardet It's not decentralised (it currently relies on a central party to verify that the endorser does own the ORCID linked to the endorsement), but it very much is open source: gitlab.com/Flockademic/plaudit

(Altmetric is centralised as well, btw. I had a chat with them a while ago about sending endorsements to them as well, but at the time it was a bit too much effort on their side to include them.)

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