> Sugar is the desktop environment component of a worldwide effort to provide every child with an equal opportunity for a quality education. Available in more than twenty-five languages, Sugar Activities are used every school day by children in more than forty countries.

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Apart from the praiseworthy mission of creating a libre educational application, I find it interesting technically that it is:

1. The GTK desktop application in pure python and built with GNU autotools
2. The mobile / web application in mostly JavaScript.

I am curious how these are synchronized. Care for a quick word @codewiz ?

@ashwinvis #sugar is a desktop environment, written in Python, GTK3, etc. #sugarizer is a Javascript implementation of Sugar, so that it remains accessible from different devices and can run on a browser. Sugar DE can only be run on Linux Desktops / Tablets / Raspberry PIs / OLPCs. #sugarizer and #sugar are completely independent projects, maintained separately.

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