💻🐍 Introduction and call for contributors

Did you know? There is a new kid on the block and its name is "inteq".

@mwt has created an #opensource #python package for solving Volterra and Fredholm integral equations. Originally developed for #economics, you will surely find many applications for this project. #science #mathematics

🌟 But now it's your time to shine. @mwt is looking for contributors who know numerical analysis or best practices for python projects.

🔗 github.com/mwt/inteq/

I have no idea what "inteq" does, but I like and am excited that it's an open project...

@manuel-jf it let's you solve for g(s) in equations like this:

f(s) = \int_a^s K(s,y) g(y) dy

@ashwinvis @manuel-jf It's related! If the kernel takes the form K(s,y) = k(s-y) then you can solve with Laplace transforms. It's L(g) = L(f)/L(k).

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