Wonderful chart by Abbie Richards, mis- and disinformation researcher with focus on and theories. Have saved it to disc.

I never knew that Greta Thunberg is a time traveler.


Very useful classification and essential to navigate modern day hearsay an internet fora. This only touches upon American conspiracies, and likely similar other conspiracy inverted pyramids exist for other cultures makes me 🥶

@ashwinvis Even "just" for America (or Anglo-America) you could probably add a few dozen more.

Nearly all the dumb talking points of the climate "skeptics" in Europe in the end come from Anglo-America. I wonder whether that is similar for conspiracies or whether, e.g., the Germans have unique ones.

But, tbh, I am not willing to find out. It is wonderful that Abbie Richards is willing to sacrifice herself, but I would rather not destroy my brain.

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