PSA to newcomers, crossposting 

: to newcomers!

Some of you might be tempted to between 🐦 and 🐘. As a general rule of thumb, crossposting is frowned upon.

🐦 ➡️ 🐘: try not to do this, but if you really want to, avoid RTs & limit to personal tweets. Set post visibility on 🐘 as "unlisted", so the local timeline is less noisy.
🐘 ➡️ 🐦: usually fine, but don't crosspost replies or boosts, respect privacy of others.

Welcome again & hope you are here to stay.


PSA to newcomers, crossposting 

@ashwinvis @Mirteaaa doe dit pls

@pingiun @ashwinvis y'all don't want stuff on your timeline? What's the point of a social media platform otherwise

There are 3 timelines. Home timeline, where your *unlisted* toots appear only if I follow you or someone I follow boosts your toot.

On the local and public timelines all the public toots (like the one you used just now) appear, even if I don't follow you.


PSA to newcomers, crossposting 

@ashwinvis not sure I agree it's "generally frowned upon". like, I've never seen any mention that the practice itself is bad. it becomes annoying if you are only replying on one site or the other when your posts are conversational in nature, or you're posting @ mentions for Twitter users exclusively, since not all clients can smoothly link to their Twitter profile.

PSA to newcomers, crossposting 

Well it varies from instance to instance, at least in it was a server rule, see no. 7

Crossposting is certainly annoying and bothersome for people, like me, who have stopped using Twitter.

PSA to newcomers, crossposting 

@2ck If it is purely a stand alone tweet, crossposting mostly works, but as soon as there is interaction (reply, quote tweet, a handle), the post can often only be understood by moving to Twitter.

I only follow a few such account when they are very valuable and I never boost such posts.

Even a pure text post can be confusing. Recently came across someone talking about Mastodon to his Twitter folk, which made no sense in the Mastodon context.


PSA to newcomers, crossposting 

@ashwinvis Thank you for the #NewHere tips. I think I understand the reasons for limiting 🐦➡️🐘 to personal tweets, or QTs with some added commentary, and *not* x-posting replies or RTs, because as you say, we need 🐘 conversations not to depend on accessing 🐦. But what’s the purpose of 🐦➡️🐘 being “unlisted” please? Like x-posting on FB and the bird site, you are doing it because you’d like to stimulate conversation, albeit with different communities in each case, so wouldn’t “unlisted” defeat the purpose of tooting? TIA

PSA to newcomers, crossposting 

It is only a suggestion, of course.

Even while posting solely in Mastodon my default setting is "unlisted". I think it is nice to share random ephermal thoughts which are most likely not of general interest. It will still be visible to your followers, who can boost or reply to it.

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