The South #Asia Flash #Flood Guidance System has been launched by @Indiametdept, ushering in the prospect of improved early warnings of a major natural hazard in a densely populated region.
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My wife got a gadget that allows mounting a cell phone onto our telescope eyepiece, so I present you: crappy cell phone pics of the planets!

the four little dots around Jupiter are, left to right: Ganymede, Europa, Io and Callisto

trying to get a good picture of Mars but it's so bright i need to figure out how to change camera settings.


> and publishers are entities that prioritize self-interest at the expense of scholarship and are characterized by false or misleading information, deviation from best editorial and publication practices, a lack of transparency, and/or the use of aggressive and indiscriminate solicitation practices.

Björn's take is that checks all boxes.

Publishing industry and link to pedos? 

@OpenScienceFeed OMG this is horrible. Seems like the claim checks out too.

In his biography of Robert Maxwell, Tom Bower says that Maxwell sold most Pergamon Press to academic publishing giant Elsevier in March 1991 for £440 million to keep his other companies afloat.


#FluidDyn is an educational / research project to advance the field of #FluidMechanics through computational, experimental and data processing methods. The motivation behind this project is given here:

We develop primarily in #Python. We are also proponents of #OpenScience philosophy. This account is managed by @ashwinvis (for now). Follow us for updates about our project and in extension exciting developments in the scientific stack of Python.

#introduction #introductions #OpenSource

M51 is a spiral galaxy that is interacting with another close galaxy.

“Silly cat,” I say, “the back door and the front door both go to the same outdoors.” Then I wander away from my computer and look at the other internet on my phone instead.

@JordiGH I thought engineers were weirdos giving male-female names to all kinds of sockets. Surely dims in comparison to all these legends.

Bonus round!

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Favourite mathematical concept with a silly name:

@meisam Sure. But the speed of compression / and uncompression is a good tradeoff.

@meisam For the second example, you may also:

ls *.log | parallel -j8 'echo {}; gzip {}; echo done'

@meisam All good, but if you can, try to use zstd :D. I used it once and never looked back.

Grass and wolf spiders have distinctly different eye arrangements. This is what they look like from the front. Grass spiders have 8 small eyes clustered at the front of their head. Wolf spiders have 2 big "hi-beams", 4 "fog lights" beneath, & 2 "taillights". 🐦

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BRITISH PEOPLE: Wow, did you know that Inuit people have dozens of words for snow?

ALSO BRITISH PEOPLE: *have both dictionary and regional dialect words for every imaginable kind of rain and fog*

Mark Temple, molecular biologist and former drummer of 1990s Australian indiepop band The Hummingbirds, sonifies the Covid-19 genome; it sounds ironically melodious:

Covid VIC 

Seriously, you could draw a cause-and-effect diagram of people who get COVID, don't disclose from fear of recrimination, a media who is dead-set on exposing every single violation, and the inability to decrease case numbers at the tail-end.

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