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The fact that both national weather agencies and predicted 0 mm precipitation in the morning and it is drizilling now clearly shows there is more work to be done. It was obvious from the cloud cover that there was a chance of a shower.

Maybe weather predictions should display confidence intervals too!

Burning tundra and peatlands in Russia is bad, really bad.…

Burning the rainforest is bad, but if you regrow it with any kind of plant biomass that'll recover a lot of it. Burning ancient peatland is about as bad as burning coal.
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The Amazon is burning this year again. It is not wildfire, it's intentional. Tens of thousands of intentional, illegal fires, to claim ancient forest for commercially lucrative use.…

> As the trend goes on, the Amazon is speeding toward a tipping point, when large areas of the rainforest will no longer be able to produce enough rain to sustain itself, according to Carlos Nobre, one of Brazil's leading climate scientists and researcher at the University of Sao Paulo.
> Once that happens, the rainforest will begin to die, eventually turning into savannah, said Nobre.

Interesting website that lays out the math of why mask wearing is more effective than you think in cutting down #COVID19 transmissions.



You are a well-respected meteorologist and post your opinion... A response describes the opinion as overstated, misleading, and downright false. Your response: Since this is a low-level threat, you make a quick post stating that the response is appreciated but you disagree and include references (and perhaps a hot link) to supporting research for the opinion. The answer is rapid, brief, informative, friendly, and firm, & implies that the subject is closed, unless the individual reads ..

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Social Media Ethics for the Meteorologist, Mulvey et al.
Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. (2020)

... avoid the three “A’s”—admonish, advise, or apologize—because these characteristics will only invite additional and perhaps harsher responses. If you are wrong, admit it, but do not apologize for expressing your well-thought-out post. Responses, if deemed necessary, should be well thought-out but rapid, brief, informative, friendly, and firm.

til when the sun burns through all the hydrogen at its core and exits the main sequence to become a red giant, the habitable zone will move out to (at one point) encompass only saturn, uranus, and neptune


Do you believe that #FreeSoftware should be the default option for publicly financed software? Let’s convince your political representatives!

Sign the Open Letter


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How SUVs conquered the world and threaten to kill the climate

Last year, the International Energy Agency (#IEA) made a finding that stunned even its own researchers. #SUV's were the second-largest cause of the global rise in #carbon #emissions over the past decade, eclipsing shipping, aviation, heavy industry and even trucks, usually the only vehicles to loom larger than them on the road.

#ClimateCrisis #Traffic

Our demands for climate action no longer need to be "realistic"

Every path that does not result in catastrophe now requires some sort of miracle
Maintaining our current system requires absolutely miraculous technological breakthroughs as well as a complete shift in politics

Every other plan from degrowth, to eco-socialism, to a spiritual awakening requires some other miracle

No one can tell us which miracle is the most likely

So please, do not use "realism" as an argument for or against a climate plan
There are simply no more solution that is "realistic", i.e. within the status-quo and rely on incremental developments

We have to move beyond "realism" to radicalism


The quagga was a subspecies of zebra that roamed freely in Southern Africa. Unfortunately, the Dutch settlement caused the demise of this lovely creature. The quagga was heavily hunted, and some specimens were taken to Europe for zoos, but breeding them had turned out to be unsuccessful. The last quagga died in 1883 in a zoo in Amsterdam. It was the first extinct animal to have its DNA analyzed, which revealed information about its close relatives.

Post I feel I am drawn to such discussions revisiting some of our basics and challenging the facts which we studied as axioms. I think I finally understand why the degree is named Doctor of Philosophy, as we are trained to apply the scientific method of logic to every problem around us.

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Watched the first episode of with as the host, and I am hooked. It asks a very fundamental question as to whether is discovered or invented. Is it an underlying feature of our reality or just an illusion due to our pattern recognition skills.

Tried out the recursive algorithm in for Towers of Hanoi following the video. I see how it works, but it feels like magic. Need some time for this to sink in. (spoilers for solution in attached picture).

about Aristotle's wheel paradox. Simple and mind-boggling at the same time.



is also a decent creator, deserves more attention. She covers topics in in general.

LaTeX documents will be easy to rebuild without hunting for compilers and packages and such...

: Five Lessons from COVID‑19 for Advancing Climate Change Mitigation

⭐ Delay is Costly, So Make Mitigation a Priority, Now
⭐ Find Ways to Get Citizens on Board
⭐ Inequality Can Lead to Worse Outcomes
⭐ Global Problems Necessitate (Global) Collaboration
⭐ Scientific Policy Advice is Never Value‑Free

It is an interesting read and a likely future for researchers working on natural sciences in the days to come.

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