I'll be giving a ~25 minute talk on Tuesday the 28th explaining why patents don't work for complex inventions like software or whatever you're reading this on. There will be bonus slides about how Amazon et al use patents to avoid taxes.

7/28 @11pm UTC.
It's part of the incredible program put together by the scholar.social Masto instance. Sign up for all their talks here:

Paper DOI: 10.1007/s13132-020-00629-1

My homework for today: find a venue for a paper on domestic migration that includes both a few proofs about methodology and a long empirical section applying the so-developed methods.

Suggestions? I have a lot of venues that do methods only, a lot that do social science empirics only, and not a lot in the intersection.

I'm a computational social scientist, who has done applied work including , (as in intellectual property), and ; and pure methods focusing on agent-based modeling and alternatives to regressions.


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