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How does dissolved organic matter (DOM) change over time?

As part of the AquaDiva project at @unijena we are investigating the (DOM) in an aquifer monitoring system in Germany.

Our multi-year dataset now allows to query DOM changes in response to water flows.

This short-video (2 min) gives an insight – comments & contact welcome!

More information:

Nouriel Roubini sees us in his comment in @TheGuardian on track into a stagflation

The arguments are strong. Inflation coupled with stagnating economy (or recession) looming, potential for higher unemployment in nearer future rising.

Threat or necessary economic "correction" of past misdevelopments?

Surely those at the lower income end deserve containment plans to be set up right now, and not when the crisis will be already breaking out.

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Unsere Chats will #Zensursula mit der #Chatkontrolle ausnahmslos ausspionieren. Aber ihre eigenen Chats mit Lobbyisten und Kolleg:innen hält sie weiterhin rechtswidrig zurück.

Guter Kommentar von über die Intransparenz der EU-Spitzen.

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We have new visitors here in Meru County from Tharaka-Nithi county (they usually come at this time of the year, but this year is different, even here there is crop failure) , they're begging for food, we have to share, they have travelled by foot for about 93 kilometres, droughts and cost of living is real. #ClimateChange

This is interesting:

Preprint citations twice as likely in Methods sections of papers

I think that being cited in Methods sections means often that stuff is actually reproducible. While in Intro/discussion too often high-impact journal papers are cited - that often enough to critisise end up being not reproducible. But keep being cited, because so many others cited.

An argument pro preprint!

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Please come join my team!

I have a fully funded Research Associate position available, for 30 months at the University of Glasgow, UK, pay scale £36,382 - £40,927.

Come work with me ( and Jose Cano Reyes ( on Morello-HAT, a project to develop high-level APIs and tooling for #Morello (, Arm's novel #CHERI ( hardware capability platform which aims to revolutionise security through a novel hardware architecture.

The aim of the Morello-Hat project is to develop hardware capability APIs for use in Rust, Go and Dart so that developers can fully leverage the potential of hardware capabilities to secure their apps.

This position is full time and fixed term to 31st December 2024.

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Come join my team! A fully funded Research Associate position for 30 months at the University of Glasgow, UK, pay scale £36,382 - £40,927.

Work with on Morello-HAT: Develop high-level APIs in Rust, Go and Dart for , Arm's -based hardware capability platform, funded by

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Total Cookie Protection is Firefox’s strongest privacy protection to date, confining cookies to the site where they were created

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Hi everyone!
It's time for a belated #introduction :)
I'm Judith, living in the south of Germany and I love photography, forests, building things (mostly on the web), and ruby.
I'm also an introvert and not used to posting on social media because I dislike all the tracking and analysis of data. But mastodon is different, so I'm hoping to find like-minded people here and good conversations about software development, linux, ruby, ...
Maybe also I'm going to post a picture or two. Let's see.

Deutsche Behörden wollen die Heizung runterdrehen, um in der aktuellen Situation Öl-/Gasverbrauch niedrig zu halten.

Vorschlag: Definiert doch mal eine Zieltemperatur! "Runter" von 20° ist anders als von 25°.

Oder erhaltet einfach mehr Home-Office Möglichkeiten. Das größte Problem sind doch Gruppenbüros, wo eine Person die Heizung hochdreht (weil zu kalt) und die andere das Fenster öffnet (weil zu warm beheizt). Im Home Office kann jeder nach Belieben adjustieren.

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Ranting about online conferences 

@christian_zerfass Yeah, I had a similar experience. I participated in a bi-monthly online meeting for science communicators in a different country that got cancelled after they decided that the pandemic has ended over there 🤨

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Ranting about online conferences 

I'm annoyed at the chair of the main conference in my field sharing a blog post that we should "return to the magic of the in-person conferences", listing the many benefits of attending old style face to face conferences.

Yes, I agree that in-person conferences had many benefits compared to current online models, but they also excluded a LOT of people from the scientific conversation.

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Nochmal eine kleine Animation aller Blitze der gestrigen #Unwetter-front, die das südliche und östliche Bayern überquert hat. /LD

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Wenn ihr in der Nacht eine Feuerkugel bzw. extrem helle/große Sternschnuppe beobachtet, könnt ihr eure Beobachtung auf der folgende Webseite eintragen.

Wenn genügend Leute ihre Beobachtungen dort eingereicht haben, kann man die Bahn bestimmen und so z.B. ggf. den Ort eingrenzen wo es Überresten am Boden geben könnte.
#astronomie #bookmarktip

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‘Consequences will be dire’: Chile’s water crisis is reaching breaking point - "one of the most privatised water systems in the world, allowing people to buy and sell water allocations like stocks." well, there's your problem... #water

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Today we tabled a ban of #FaceSurveillance and #BiometricMassSurveillance in the EU's #AIAct because
1⃣up to 99% of alerts hit innocent citizens
2⃣it doesn't make us safer
3⃣even searching for a single criminal would result in #MassSurveillance
To support:

Scientific surveys show that people working from home are on average more productive and happier.

Top-managers of big forms request people back to the office claiming they are not productive when working from home.

Sure this is about efficiency?

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