Germany would like to donate 150 Mio (!) vaccine doses to COVAX before they expire, lacking domestic demand.

But clauses in contracts with producers leave the latter a right to veto. And they demand additional compensation. So the doses may be trashed.

@christian_zerfass what the fuck, they demand additional compensation for vaccines THAT THEY ALREADY SOLD or they have the power to let lifesaving vaccines go to waste?? Today in capitalist dystopia news...


This is at least as the article states it. It says, the providers would request minimum prices to reassign the recipient, or require compensatory payments from the recipients.

@christian_zerfass I mean if it's a matter of additional cost, strictly at cost of course, to distribute to areas with higher logistics costs, okay maybe. But I thought part of the purpose of COVAX was to take care of those logistics, so color me confused/angry. (Not demanding an answer from you of course, just frustrated and ranting.)


The logistics would not be the actual problem. At least this is not mentioned in the article - to which vaccine providers are stated to have refused comment, so instead it is based on a letter from the German health ministry to the EU commission.

I translate in the following posts what the article says/speculates in regarda of this matter (just for reference, it is German public broadcast):


> Commercial interest hinder vaccine donations

> These minimum prices or compensatory payments would need to be paid in addition to what the EU states have contractually agreed to. For one dose of the producer Moderna, for instance, the EU pays [supposedly/reportedly] 19 Euro. The reason for the additional financial requests is, according to [business] insiders, commercial interest: For every dose...


...donated for instance to Africa for free, another dose cannot be sold there, not to a reduced price either.

> Also, the lucrative market for booster-shots in Europe would, at least from the perspective of the US company Moderna, shrink: The less Germans received their first and second shot with the Moderna...


...vaccine, the smaller the market for booster-shots in wealthy Germany. According to the [pharmaceutical market authorisation], at current, it is stated that boosting after mRNA vaccination shall be carried out with the same vaccine.

@christian_zerfass that's a heck of a logic, given that the company was *already paid* for the vaccines so there's no justification for double-dipping just because the vaccines go to, say, Gabon rather than Germany. Also don't they realize that the lack of vaccine demand is due to vaccine hesitancy and there's no way the government can physically grab these people and jab them in the arms, tempting as it might be?? But why do I expect basic common sense to sway capitalists, argh.

I'd say a court should force the issue and a giant stink should be raised by the public. Articles like this are a good starting point, of course.

@ljwrites @christian_zerfass they have been paid twice already. first they received huge amounts of money to make the vaccines, then they received payment for them. it's so infuriating!

@distel @christian_zerfass and now they want to be paid for a third time... greedy, gouging fuckers.

@ljwrites @christian_zerfass it's enraging also that antivaxxers who are against "big pharma" completely have it wrong. big pharma isn't bad because they make drugs. they are bad because they don't make needed drugs, don't make enough, or don't get them to the people who need them.

@distel @christian_zerfass they also turn what should be a public function, and is accordingly publicly funded and supported, into a profit-seeking operation.

@distel @ljwrites @christian_zerfass n.b.: most companies currently selling Covid vaccines had almost no hand in actually creating it

@christian_zerfass @ljwrites EU countries have negotiated pretty low prices.

Poor countries, with less leverage in negotiating with these companies get to pay >50€ / vaccine.

@christian_zerfass @ljwrites so, from my understanding, they are merely demanding the difference they believe they have their WTO given right to

@christian_zerfass @ljwrites and in the end, this is just the logic of IP: you don't own anything. Sure y'all chipped in billions to have these vaccines developed, but then you sold the patents and all other rights to these four companies, and now you can get fucked with all your demands and logic

@meena @ljwrites

You are raising an interesting point. Yet, I would bring forward the following:

- If the EU used its population- and market-size leverage efficiently, therewould be high risk for producers to try to increase revenue from less wealthy countries

- Both the EU-states, and the US have provided considerable funding to domestic vaccine developpers, thus shared part of the risk

@meena @ljwrites

Sure enough though, Germany and the EU could have insisted in contractual rights to share what they purchased without veto. Since the amounts to be delivered were specified, that would have been difficult to challenge.

@christian_zerfass @meena but they chose to give that power away, no doubt, in part so they could pay lower prices at the time smh.

@meena @ljwrites

But of course, there is no "one" market price, but if any an average, and I don't think COVAX-recipient countries are / can be among the high-paying countries.

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