Interesting though that the Twitter share in response apparently surged up almost 10%, isn't it? Either shareholders thinking that a big marketing person has just entered the board of directors, or believing that lots other people will now want to buy Twitter shares.

Anyway, I am by all means suprised....

@christian_zerfass @Gargron If you buy a lot of shares that means you need to buy them from someone, which means you need to pay their spread, which means the market price goes up. This is how the stock market normally works.

@clacke @Gargron

Musks purchase however preceded the surge. Thus his buy order itself was not causing the market movement, but the announcement afterwards.

The purchase was reported (thus had been already completed and was now filed) on the 4th April

The surge happened exactly after this reporting was published (screenshot attached, taken from ensuing link, right the Mon 4th April surge)

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