Here some visual for the chromatograms (& assigned peak) before and after adding some artificial off-target background/ noise

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Fresh out - our preprint on 5-years () data from

- highly variable DOM over time
- PCAs associate with water stands / fluxes
- coercion of distant sampling wells in PCA trailing high-flow phases

Research in CRC 'AquaDiva'

Found at the UNESCO

>> Groundwater needs to be used carefully and sustainably – but we cannot manage what we do not measure. Groundwater must be thoroughly explored, analyzed and monitored.

Leo Tolstoi, 'War and Peace', Chapter XXXIX

>> To the men on both sides alike (...) the question arose in every soul: 'For what, for whom, must I kill and be killed?' <<

(Image source: wikipedia,

Are we falling short in freshwater biodiversity understanding & research?

An astonishing 96-author call to action from conservation researchers argues that to little funding is available for this crucial ecosystem that we require as a resource to support (our) lives:

Worth sharing!

I saw this picture on Twitter here and it is such a nice and thought-provoking picture that I cannot but share it here also.

Explanation: Europe has an ongoing refugee crisis at its Eastern border where state powers are testing their powers on the back of refugees, to cut a complex story short. Then people still try to cross the Mediterraean to reach Europe, while being pushed back to.. well.. countries with questionable stabilities and governments..

With running, the Water Science Forum (WSF) of the Royal Society of Chemistry with other stakeholders has signed a "call to action" to maintain water resources against the impact of

What is your action pledge? Send the WSF a video statement, and it may be shown at the COP26 closing section!
> Submit video here:

More information regarding the water science forum>

Next round of EU legislation that may break encrypted chats:

With the aim to prevent sharing of illegal content particularly where it affects children, the EU has passed in July a regulation permitting providers of online services to scan contents

According to a EU commission impact assessment, to be presented in December, this could become mandatory (picture)

... which would render encrypted service provisions impossible...

Assessing the organic chemistry of is challenging as there are so many (little defined) compounds in the water. But untargeted by LCMS helps bringing order into the chaos.

... and at times, lucky hits may strongly suggest the presence of a specific compound, that can be validated by targeted determination.

Image: MS2 spectrum (upwards red: measured; downwards green: predicted) with high match of measured vs. tentatively identified structure

Not to forget, high incidence means replication implies mutation, and the emergence of more aggresive variants may not be a necessity but no impossibility either (


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The IPCC in its latest report emphasizes that with more data, model predictions have improved.

This allows now to disentangle the various scales of climate effectors (attached picture).

As it emerges, carbon dioxide, mainly emitted by humans, has still the major impact.

Please look into the "Summary for Policymakers" (SPM) of the IPCC report which very well details the advanced understanding in fairly plain language

How does dissolved organic matter (DOM) change over time?

As part of the AquaDiva project at @unijena we are investigating the (DOM) in an aquifer monitoring system in Germany.

Our multi-year dataset now allows to query DOM changes in response to water flows.

This short-video (2 min) gives an insight – comments & contact welcome!

More information:

I wish everyone a nice |

Safeguarding our water resources against climate threads and pollution will be defining for our future living environment.

The AquaDiva consortium investigates the 'critical zone', including formation/ transformation of

It is a pleasure to be part of this by contributing with groundwater at @unijena to understand the throughout a multiannual monitoring series


on dissolved organic matter (DOM) in (seepage) collected in lysimeters (devices to measure water flow)

It shows: dealing with leachates (plasticizers), development of an inert lysimeter, (gas chromatography – mass spectrometry) to detect organic compounds relevant in / .

Project @unijena within collaborative research center AquaDiva

Discussing our within shared (international) group meeting with a group from Israel. The great thing about meetings moving online is to get feedback from colleagues on a routine manner. Thanks for your interest

See more about the research centre we contribute to at @unijena (CRC 1076 AquaDiva):

Schematic (CC-BY) taken from:

Im Nebel ruhet noch die Welt,
Noch träumen Wald und Wiesen:
Bald siehst du, wenn der Schleier fällt,
Den blauen Himmel unverstellt,
Herbstkräftig die gedämpfte Welt
In warmem Golde fließen.

Eduard Mörike, "Septembermorgen" passend im November

And back we are under public life curbs for in , for the rest of the month. Together with most of . Measures seem tempered, so let'shope they'll suffice as a circuit breaker.

At least it's again an opportunity to spend time outside and discover new spots

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